Review of the FIN Advanced Vaping V-Tank


I was at my local Walgreen’s not too long ago and I happened to notice that they had some vaping stuff behind the counter. The thing that caught my eye is that they were selling pre-filled clearomizers/tanks behind the counter. I thought that was interesting concept so I picked up the FIN Advanced Vaping V-Tank. For about $12 I was able to get a two pack of clearomizers that each come with 2.4ml of juice per tank with a nicotine strength of 1.6%/16mg.

Price-wise I can get 30ml of juice from my vape store for that amount however you are getting the tank with it so it kind of evens out. I chose the grape flavor which was ok, reminded me of Sweet Tarts. Decent throat hit if that’s your sort of thing. However the one discouraging thing from the FIN tanks is that on every third or fourth hit I would get this really stale tasting hit. Tried both tanks from the two-pack on both my MVP and eGo batteries and got the same resulting stale hits.

The main attraction for me about the FIN clearomizers is that they’re available at places like Walgreen’s and Wal-Mart that are open 24 hours a day. So much like the Haus tank its major attraction is convenience if you happen to find yourself nowhere near a vape store and in need of juice. They are manufactured in the USA as well.

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  1. edrebber

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  2. Joy

    My experiences with Fin Advanced Vaping has been far less than satisfying. As you said, I often get that stale, burnt taste. I’ve also had numerous tanks that are still full but you cannot drag anything from them. I’d say that happens to me at least 20% of the time, if not 25%. I’ve also had one tank that the mouthpiece broke off.

    I like the idea of this product and I love the taste. When it works. I’m now looking for something similar but with more quality control.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Thank you for your comment Joy.

      I still recommend going to your local vape store for tanks and juice as they’re much better quality than what you find at Walgreen’s or Wal-Mart. However in a pinch these will get you through until you can get to the vape store.

    2. Ronda Brasher

      i had the same problem and what got mine to finally work is when it start to taste burnt i would get a Q-tip with a little rubbing alcohol and i would clean the pin and the battery end , let dry and it would work again, then when you get almost half way through the tank, it will do it, then repeat. I do love the concept. I hope they can fix this problem in the future.

      1. Trench Reynolds

        It is better than a lot of the retail store solutions out there.

    3. Ant

      I also hear u on the troubles with the fin vaping systems. Every time in would open up a 2 pack i would almost count on one of them not working right at best most the time it would with leak out the mouth piece the top would have been broken etc. I finally emailed customer service and the woman straight up told they have known about the problem. Though they kept selling the failing vtanks. She sent me the new and improved refills no problem yet. Though she sent me 2 complimentary ones and they are the old type of vtanks.

  3. Kathy

    This is a decent replacement for the real thing,however I have been buying the prefilled V tanks at Walgreen’s and 3 out of 4 are leaking, so you are dealing with less liquid in the tank and a big mess. This is the third tank that when removing the rubber cover the tip breaks off. Extremely Frustrating.

    1. Ant

      I need to reach out to customer service. Fortunately they are better then their products

  4. Stephen MacMillan Moser

    Bought starter kit at Walgreen’s, got home, opened the package and the mouthpiece tip was broken off. Returned to the store for exchange and checked the tip before I left the store. Got home, opened the package and assembled the unit. First puff was good – on the second one, the tip broke off. Am calling customer service.

  5. Fuck you!

    Terrible product, 3rd one in 3 days, none worked, they don;t even list the product on thier website will return this last time and never use their products again. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT.

  6. Randy rowdy

    Using the FIN refillable model w/850 battery.
    So far it is ok. Didn’t go the smaller route. Spent 40.00 and so far saved 40.00 on tobacco. Still have alot of juice to go.


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