Divorce in America

What’s the old joke? Do you know why divorce is so expensive? Because it’s worth it.

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  1. Isn’t this site supposed to be about child abuse? Divorce may or may not be a brillant example to set, depending on individual circumstances, It may or may not be upsetting to the children, depending on unique circumstances.

    It’s hardly abusive though. Can we get back to the abusive parents now, please?

  2. Hey, Sia–Unless you own this domain or contribute to its maintenance or to its author, it’s really not at all up to you what gets posted here, so shut it.

  3. Hey Den Ise. Yes, I know that it isn’t really up to me. That would be why I asked if we could (expressed a want for a possibility), rather than said that we should (statement of what ought to be there).

    I really don’t think that using the comment function to well….make a comment… is unreasonable, regardless of whether I contribute or not. If the person in charge of this site felt that a finacial contribution was necessary for opinions to be valid, the comments would be a charged-for feature.

    I’d rather you didn’t tell me to shut it when I did nothing more than ask if we could get back to the original subject. I can’t exactly do anything if you do but I would appreciate it if you didn’t.

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