Why Strangeland should be remade every decade


If you haven’t seen the 1998 movie Strangeland it was made by Twisted Sister’s own Dee Snider about teen girls who end up being kidnapped and tortured after meeting a predator online named Captain Howdy. While it may not have been the most compelling movie of all time it’s something that parents should have seen back in the day.

Back in the late 1990s the big predator playgrounds were chatrooms. The movie could have been remade in the 2000s with social networking sites and in the 2010s with smart phone apps.

Not surprisingly this is a tale that Snider has actually been telling since the 1980s with possibly my favorite epic song of his from the 1980s called Horror-Teria, a single track that features the dual songs Captain Howdy and Street Justice. This was from back in a time when the predators had to have physical contact of your kids before they could harm them. I guess they could be called analog pedos by today’s standards.

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