The latest ‘school shooting’ video game


I almost hate to give this story attention because that’s all it’s designed to do but I know there are going to be some people who are going to be spouting misinformation about it so I thought I’d better enter the fray.

So there’s this fairly new video game out called ‘Hatred’. It’s about what you’d expect, an ultraviolent blood soaked shooter designed only to cause controversy which it’s already somewhat achieved.

Here’s the trailer for it if you can stomach it as it is very graphic.

So let’s get some facts out there. This is not a game that little Billy can just buy out of the case from Wal-Mart. As of right now it’s only going to possibly be available for PC through the Steam Store. So far there’s no rating yet but I can’t see this getting anything less than an AO rating.

It’s already being called a ‘school shooting’ game which as always is a misnomer. From the trailer alone I could see that there were several different locations and the main antagonist doesn’t seem to be some high school kid in mom’s basement. This game is not going to cause your kids to shoot up their school. Art, and I use that term incredibly loosely here, imitates life.

As an almost 40 year gamer myself I have played some pretty violent games in the past decade or so. The difference between those games and Hatred is that Hatred has no moral consequences for the killing spree and no real end goal other than violence for the sake of violence. My personal impression of the game is that it is the video game equivalent of petulant child that only seeks attention. This game will not win any Game of the Year awards, it’s only there to kick the hornets’ nest and in my opinion the only people who will seriously play it will be the fedora wearing neckbeards who argue about ethics in video game journalism.

Now having said that do I believe the game should be banned or censored in any way? No, never. The game designers have the freedom and right to make the game. Steam has the right to sell it in their store.

So what should you do if your sensibilities are shaken to their very core by this game? Simple, ignore it. That’s what you do when something exists only to draw attention to itself, you ignore it and it will go away. And even if it doesn’t no one is forcing you to play the game and it doesn’t affect your life if someone else does.

UPDATE 1/16/2015: Hatred did in fact receive an AO rating from the ESRB. This means you probably won’t see it on home consoles as the big 3 console manufacturers, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, do not allow AO rated games on their consoles.

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  1. wastintime

    I saw all the controversy over this game on another site. This clearly isn’t for children, and I seriously hope no parent gets this for their children.
    That being said, I’m waiting for this game! (I don’t have a beard) But I’m putting it in its own password protected file! I don’t want my 3 yr old to accidentally open it, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for my 16 yr old. But my two adult children will have the password.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      But you do have to admit that this game is going to attract an inordinate amount of anti-social cretins.


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