Taft Union shooter’s mom says her son was the victim

Taft Union High School
Taft Union High School

In the wake of his recent mistrial Bryan Oliver’s mother took to the media to declare her son the real victim. Here’s a sample…

I have said from the beginning that I pray for Bowe Cleveland and I said under oath on the stand that he didn’t deserve this. But my son Bryan is the ultimate victim in this case. He was tortured, teased, called faggot, ginger and fatty everyday by these kids including Bowe Cleveland and Jacob Nichols. At least Jacob had the decency to testify truthfully about his treatment of my gentle but different son, who simply snapped after enduring the torture.

First off your victimhood kind of lessens when you shoot someone in the chest with a shotgun putting them in a medically induced coma. Second, your son didn’t ‘simply snap’. The shooting had to have been planned well in advance. Also let’s not forget that mass murder is not a reasonable response to being bullied. He intended to kill and should not be excused from his actions.

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  1. If she knew he was having such a hard time, why didn’t she remove him from the school? If it was physical, why didn’t she call the police?

      1. I feel terrible for anyone that has to endure bullying. I was bullied in school, to the point where I couldn’t take anymore. But there are options now, and she didn’t even look into it? Even if she did, she didn’t talk to him, find out his opinion? If she did, he may have chosen a different option. Then this story wouldn’t even exist.

          1. I completely agree. Shooting someone for bullying doesn’t solve anything. I understand how he felt, but I don’t condone his actions.

  2. There was a lot more to this story than you can really grasp unless you are local to the area. Taft High School is the only avaliable school option in that town. I believe that you are correct about violence not solving the issue but this went beyond bullying. Multiple kids testified that the victim had his friends hold down Oliver while he rubbed his genitals in Oliver’s face. That’s sexual assault not mere “bullying” and when the school was informed of it they had a “boys will be boys” response. Now the question is this. Had this boy held down a girl and rubbed his genitals in her face would it still be “bullying”?

      1. Yes the school was aware of the situation. The school system in that town failed everyone involved. The year prior to the shooting the kid had made a hit list and was only suspended for five days. I don’t believe the people who witnessed the incident I spoke of tried to stop it because well let’s face it teenage kids are usually not going to go against the pack. I don’t disagree with your statements that the shooter needs some prison time. I just think the school kind of dropped the ball.

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