NOLA Backpage/Craigslist rapist arrested

McArthur Mackey
McArthur Mackey

Police in New Orleans, Louisiana, recently arrested 31-year-old McArthur Mackey on charges of rape and robbery. Mackey is accused of allegedly raping one woman and robbing another he met through the personals on both craigslist and Backpage.

I don’t mean to sensationalize this story but sometimes graphic details need to be posted to show how serious of a crime this really is. I’ll put it behind the cut just in case you don’t feel the need to read it.

According to the record, the woman was told to meet the man at a home in the 1600 block of N. Broad Street. When the woman arrived at the location, she said a man walked over to her, brandished a knife and asked “why she was answering ads for men on Craigslist,” an NOPD detective wrote in her report.

The woman was then forced to walk down an alley to the back of the home, police said. She told police her assailant demanded that she empty her pockets and said he took her gray, Samsung Galaxy phone.

Then, the woman said, the man forced her to perform a sexual act. The man then sexually assaulted her using the handle of his knife, the woman said, before raping her.

There was no allusion in the article to either victim being a pro so I’m going to assume they were not, not that any woman should ever be subjected to this. However no woman needs to be meeting strange guys off of craigslist and Backpage. It is like playing a deadly game of Russian Roulette. You may be fine the first couple of times before something like this happens. Don’t take that chance.

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