We get letters: Kill yourself sell-out


I received the following e-mail about my postings on the topic of craigslist…

Really? How may people were killed when responding to adds in newspapers back befor CL killed the ad section? Please, Cl is the world , not a probelm site as the jelous pigs who are loosing revenue are trying to portray and who probable pay you for your yellow reporting. Kill yourself sell-out.

First of all congratulations, you made spell check cry.

Secondly compare this list, which dates back to 1859, to the number of ‘craigslist killers’ in just the past 8 years that I’ve been keeping track and you’ll see that craigslist clearly ‘wins’ hands down.

Lastly, who exactly is the sell out? The person who questions a company’s shady practices or the one who blindly believes in it?

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  1. Obv you cover all the important crimes committed on CL but the “pets” section pisses me off too. They allow ppl to post but like you say they don’t monitor. Dogs get flipped sold to backyard breeders and ppl who fight dogs, it’s a horrible site.

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