Things are looking up in Camden

Then again you can only look up from the bottom.
Then again you can only look up from the bottom.

Mark this day down, I was wrong about something. It seems that the disbanding of the Camden. New Jersey police department and replacing them with a county police force has actually been good for the city. Not only has their been a drop in the murder rate in Camden but they’ve dropped off the list of most dangerous cities where they’re usually in the top 3.

While this is good news for the people of Camden it’s still going to take a very long time before businesses and taxpayers move into the city. Not to mention that I have concerns if the other taxpayers of Camden County are helping foot the bill for a police force that is county in name only as they only patrol Camden itself.

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  1. Well, at least you were wrong for a good reason. I live in a high crime area, but it’s slowly getting better. The city shut down the high crime businesses in the area, it’s difficult to sell alcohol in the area, the city has to approve the license, we have more patrols in the area. So it’s looking up, little by little. I’m glad this is working out for Camden, and I hope it only improves. I would like to know more about whether or not they have enough funding to keep going, maybe they have some sort of government grant? I remember reading something about that funding a few years ago. Sorry I can’t remember where I read it or the specifics of the grant program.

      1. Hopefully with the now slightly lower crime rate, tax payers will begin to slowly trickle in. It’s not easy coming back from the brink. I was really expecting to see Camden on Forgotten Places.

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