SC Mom who disappeared after KIK date believed dead, date charged with her murder

Edward Bonilla
Edward Bonilla

I’m sad that I have to post that 28-year-old Ashley Pegram of Summerville, South Carolina, is believed to be dead. Ms. Pegram went missing in early April after going on a date with Edward Bonilla whom she met on Kik. Police in South Carolina say that blood evidence found in the trunk of Bonilla’s car is a DNA match to that of Ashley Pegram. Bonilla was being held on obstruction of justice charges but has now been charged with murder.

As of yet Ms. Pegram’s body has not yet been found. If her body is somehow never recovered Bonilla could still be convicted of murder. Murder convictions without a body are not unheard of. The two most infamous cases of that are the convictions of Tom Capano in the murder of Anne Marie Fahey and Hans Resier in the murder of his wife Nina.

My prayers and condolences to the friends and family of Ashley Pegram.

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