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For those of you who may not know what a Luddite is can read up on them here. Its more modern connotation is someone who is anti-science or anti-technology. So in my opinion it’s a fitting term for not only those who wield Autism as a weapon to forward some kind of anti-science agenda but also for those who fear Autism like it’s tantamount to the Black Death.

In the past Autism has been used as a reason why parents shouldn’t vaccinate their kids, which has been debunked by the way. It’s been used as a way to try to get women to not take anti-depressants. It’s been argued that it can be a cause of school shootings. All of those accusations are patently ridiculous but it doesn’t end there. Recently I read an article, from a website I used to think was reliable, that linked circumcision to Autism. The one commonality that these things have in common is that they all have factions that are dogmatically opposed to these practices. In the case of school shootings it’s defense lawyers looking for an easy out.

What makes these factions so effectual are the ignorant masses who are so deathly afraid of their kids getting Autism that they’ll buy just about any snake oil they think will protect them. In this case the old adage is true that people fear what they don’t understand. There are worse things than your kid having Autism, like having them die from a horrible disease that was once thought eradicated.

Autism is not some kind of punishment from God. It doesn’t mean you did something wrong prior to your child’s birth. It doesn’t mean your kid will become a mass murderer. Most importantly it does not mean that your child will be some kind of Hollywood stereotype of an Autistic that just rocks back and forth and screams.

I know several parents who have Autistic children and the majority of them are intelligent and artistic kids who just need a little bit of special attention. I’ve known some that have grown up to be more than productive members of society.

If someone tries to tell you that such and such causes Autism take pity on them for they’re obviously incapable of thinking rationally.

One thought on “Why is Autism the bogeyman of Luddites?

  1. dennis says:

    Note that these ‘smelly wretches’ make no distinction whatsoever as to the precise expression of the dreaded ‘autism’ – it’s always bad, even if the pwrson can or has held jobs, lives independently, and either is, or has been, a productive member of society.

    No, cannot have it, even a trace. It’s like dealing with ‘nazional-socialistische’ fiends on a jude-hassende bender – they cannot be reasoned with. More, when they say horrors like ‘better dead than autistic’, they actually mean that precise thing. In their minds, death is preferable to being ‘even a little’ autistic – and they believe this enough to act upon it, with often-lethal consequences.

    Hence, such scurrilous talk must be taken with utmost seriousness; and since such talk is reminiscent of ‘not one drop’ (of jewish blood) under Nazism, then just ***what*** is that ‘especial autistic taint’ that so riles Normdom?

    The one thing virtually *all* autistic persons have in common ***seems*** to be a non-Normie social ***performance***. I suspect *that* to be the ‘culprit’ – which makes for a question: just ***what*** is so fundamental about this emphasis upon ‘doing social’ that makes the non-autistic majority see *us* as ‘subhuman and defective’ (their sentiments, not mine) – needing to be ‘fixed’ -rendered innocuous; the idea of genuine ‘repair’ or inclusion is not considered – at all costs; and ultimately disposed of via varied forms of negative eugenics?


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