Trench reviews Season 1 of Gotham



I give it a hesitant thumbs up.

It started off great with a great murder mystery of who murdered the Waynes along with Penguin’s chicanery and brutality and Fish Mooney’s plot to overthrow Don Facolne in Gotham’s mob scene. Then halfway through the season the tight writing and great storytelling kind of went off the rails, especially The Dollmaker storyline. Maybe that will pay off later in the series but at the time I really didn’t care for that part of the story. The last two episodes felt like they all of a sudden had to force a season finale together although I did like the little cliffhanger at the end.

Am I coming back for season 2? As long as Robin Lord Taylor continues to portray the Penguin I will tune in every week.

The comic book nerd in me does have a question though. Jim Gordon and Barbara are destined to be together and have a daughter that becomes Batgirl. I’m interested to see how that’s going to happen now that Barbara is an admitted murderer albeit insane.

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