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Andre Robinson

Backpage has its share of murderers but due to the lack of alliteration they don’t always get the attention of their craigslist killing cohorts. For example, take the story of 19-year-old Brandy Carroll. Her services were ordered off of Backpage by 38-year-old Andre Robinson of Beloit, Wisconsin. Robinson would be her final client as he’s been charged with allegedly murdering Ms. Carroll.

Police haven’t released all the details of the murder except to say that at some point in the night Ms. Carroll fell down the basement stairs in Robinson’s home. Reports also say that she also suffered from stab wounds and blunt force trauma although a cause of death has not been released beyond ‘homicidal violence’.

Sites like Backpage are obviously not making it safer for prostitutes as many would claim. It’s just allowing the murderers to kill their victims in more comfortable surroundings.

2 thoughts on “Backpage prostitute murdered in Wisconsin

  1. Kelli says:

    Just cause she made arrangements for sex for money the night she died doesn’t define her and doesn’t make her a prostitute and I don’t appreciate the title Wisconsin prostitute because she was so much more then that. She was genuine person with a good heart she made a mistake, one that cost her her life. Have some respect. She didn’t deserve to die and she doesn’t deserve to be remembered as a Wisconsin prostitute. She was only 19 she literally just turned 19 she had her whole life ahead of her and it was took over one stupid mistake. I love you Brandy R.i.p you don’t have a voice any more so I’m speaking for you. I miss you so much. &lt3 😦


  2. RJS says:

    I feel bad for these young women who have strayed so far. So many people refer to them as addicts and whores, when they’re really just addicts whose habit has become so big that they can only make enough money to support it by selling themselves. There is no shortage of people who are more than willing, eager even, to take advantage of them.

    I just watched someone I am rather close to lose everything, and ask me for help in getting out and away from the drugs. I went to pick her up and she was OD’d before I got there. I found her like that, she was only 19 also. I still don’t know if she is alive after over two weeks of searching for answers…

    The thing though is that there is no shortage of people willing to exploit them. From the dealers who sell them the drugs, to the johns who frequently abuse them, to the cops they can’t call for help, but are more than willing to toss them in jail for how they make their money.

    Escorting should be legalized and regulated for the good of the women involved. America needs to get past it’s bullshit bible/religion based silly ass hangups and ignorance and realize that if the oldest profession was brought out into the light it would be a boost to the economy of any area that got over the hang ups and permitted it.

    I knew one girl who died because of being marginalized and defenseless because of our hang-ups here in the USA, and may know another one if the current friend I know turns out to have died.

    It’s enough to piss a guy off….


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