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Daniel Louis Symons

Real life Peter Griffin over there is Daniel Louis Symons of Chesaning, Michigan. He’s accused of allegedly kidnapping a woman he met on craigslist. Michigan State Police say that Symons posted an ad looking for a submissive partner. Remember that part because it becomes important later. A 22-year-old woman responded to the ad however, she claims that Symons was not the man in the picture he allegedly sent. Symons is said to have forced the woman into his car.

Police pulled Symons over because his car was swerving. The victim was kicking around in the back seat causing Symons to get pulled over on suspicion of DUI. Officers found the victim in the back seat with a bag over her head, duct tape on her mouth and her hands bound by zip ties.

For those of you unfamiliar the term submissive, or sub, is used by people in the BDSM lifestyle. Some in the BDSM community might say that this was not a kidnapping at all but some kind of sexual role play. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen this used as a defense. Here’s the problem with that supposition. Symons allegedly misrepresented himself to his victim. That leads me to believe that this incident was not consensual.

Now there was a previous incident where a woman claimed she was kidnapped and raped by a man she met of craigslist but that turned out to be false as that woman admitted to indulging in a rape fantasy. Could that also be the case here? Possibly, and if it is I’ll post as much however, until that happens, and I don’t think it will, yet another craigslist predator has been taken off the streets.

Symons is being held on $500K bond.

UPDATE 6/23/2016: Symons was sentenced to one year probation after pleading guilty to felonious assault by strangulation.

4 thoughts on “Michigan woman kidnapped by craigslist date after responding to ad for a submissive

  1. Vega says:

    Consent in a sub/dom relationship is based on trust (the implicit trust that either party can break off the encounter with the use of a per-established “safe word” is a key aspect of it). Does a woman implicitly trust a random fat guy off the internet who obscures his identity with significantly dangerous form of “play” like that? Probably not. Almost certainly not if she was kicking his seat as described, that sounds more likely there was no trust whatsoever – which is how most sensible women would react to a random fat guy off the internet.
    My assumption, based on the situation as described, is the fat guy saw 50 Shades of Grey, decided, not unlike the movie’s male protagonist that consent to being dominated is consent to “whatever” and took the response to his ad as carte blanche. Of course, he’d have to be “Peter Griffin” level of stupid to believe that, but he does look the part.


    1. Excellent comment although I don’t think he could ever leave his basement long enough to go see a movie.


    2. Just what I was going to say. If she responded to an ad for a submissive, but was kicking around in the backseat like that, there was no consent. A submissive that is on board with what it going on, would not be kicking around like that, that was a scream for help.

      Jerkwads like this that use BDSM as a cover for their little powertripping fantasies irk me massively, he is as far from actual BDSM as an apple from a rutabaga.


  2. Since the story of his conviction is behind a paywall, I have to wonder what happened for him to be offered such a slap on the wrist.


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