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Ever since To Catch A Predator started airing I would love the excuses the pervs would use when they got caught. The most popular one was “I was just going to hang out.” Right, a middle-aged man who IM’d an underage girl all about sex who brought condoms and wine coolers was just there to hang out. So I kind of took interest in what 21-year-old Matthew Kaius Christianson of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota had to say when he was arrested.

Christianson allegedly solicited a 15-year-old girl for oral sex on MeetMe. I usually describe MeetMe as the low rent spiritual successor to MySpace. While its terns of service allow for anyone over 13 to be on their site it’s mostly used for hooking up.

In this case the girl was real and eventually the police got involved. Christianson allegedly told police he would solicit girls on MeetMe to “build up his confidence when talking with females.” Building your confidence is one thing but asking a minor for a mouth hug is definitely another. He’s probably one of these guys who can’t even approach a women in meat space but is probably a total misogynistic assclown online who calls women ‘bb’ and says things like ‘tits or GTFO’. Unfortunately the internet is just a breeding ground for cretins like this and MeetMe seems to be ground zero.

One thought on “MeetMe perv solicited girl to ‘build up his confidence’

  1. Anon says:

    This man still sexually harasses and offends girls in AA and NA watch out for him.


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