Trench’s e-juice tip: Avoid the gas station


I’ve been thinking about this for a while but just now decided to finally put my theory on vaping e-juices to text.

While you can use just about any vaping pen or mod from anywhere to get you started or help you out in case of an emergency, like the Haus products, my advice on e-juice is the exact opposite. Any time you need e-juice you should always buy it from a specialty vape store.

Every time I’ve bought juice from a drug store or gas station or what have you the juice has always been substandard. Most of it tastes really harsh and has a distinct chemical-like taste to it. Not only that but a lot of them are heavily colored to he point where they can permanently stain your tank. I’ve even had some leave their bitter aftertaste permanently on the tank no matter how much I cleaned it. Depending on what kind of tank you use that can get expensive. Also, even when going to a vape store try to stick to juices that aren’t colored. In my opinion the best juices are clear to clearish with maybe just a slight hue. If you can’t see through the juice it’s not a quality product in my opinion.

So what happens when it’s 3am and you find yourself out of juice? Try to avoid this situation at all costs by having plenty of juice on hand. However if you do find yourself in that situation the only product I can even remotely recommend is the FIN Advanced Vaping V-Tank. They’re the best of the worst.

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  1. Scott

    I agree. I’ve bought a few in an emergency and.some at first have tasted okay, but as you said, can be really harsh. I still have two Haus batteries that are still going strong. One I’ve had since October. I’m very picky, so when I find a juice that I like, I stick to it. E-generation has a line called Black Label which has some great flavors.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      A couple of months ago I bought some NJoy pomegranate juice from a drug store. Not only did it taste and feel like gasoline but it permanently stained the tank with its color and horrible taste.


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