Another Trench vaping tip: Starter kits are just fine

What most starter kits look like

What most starter kits look like

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a vaping expert. I’ve never built my own mod or made my own coils. What I am is a guy who successfully quit smoking after 30 years by vaping so I like to think that my opinion carries at least a little weight.

Anyway as I’m sure you can tell by the title of this post it’s my opinion that for the majority of vapers who are looking to quit smoking the starter kits that most shops sell are just fine. I’ve talked about before how I was talked into buying an expensive iTatse MVP. Within 6 months the button was getting stuck causing not only the coils in my tank to burn out prematurely but it would heat the metal parts of the tank so much that it would burn my skin while in my pocket. So yeah….ouch. Then I bought an iTaste VV not too long after that. Again it crapped out on me after about 6 months. It would just turn off for no apparent reason while I was using it.

Frustrated I went back to my original eGo starter kit and I’ve never been more happy with my vaping. It’s simple and compact and just plain works. Unless you want to be one of those guys who likes to blow world record amounts of vapor the starter kit is just fine. All I recommend is to buy a 2nd battery to use while the primary one is charging and enough replacement coils if your tank uses those. Hell if you want to use the disposable Haus tanks instead more power to you.

So to sum it up the simpler you keep your vaping the more enjoyment you’ll have with it.

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  1. Scott

    My Haus batteries were becoming unreliable after seven months of use. I keep two tanks and two batteries now. All Kangertech. I’ve tried other stuff from Aspire and Dreamvapor but keep coming back to Kangertech. I have a VW iPow 1000mah battery that cost me $14 that stays charged for a day or two at the most. And recently, I just bought a Kangertech Evod 1000mah that I haven’t charged it since I bought it on Friday and it’s still going strong. I use a Kangertech Protank 2 and mini protank 2, with genuine Kangertech coils that I buy online. I’m no expert either, but I go with what works for me and Kangertech has not let me down yet. The low end starter kits worked for me when I started, but I’d only buy one in a pinch if I really needed a battery or all of my coils were dead and I was fitting.

  2. Scott

    Oh and I hate when people at Vape/Tobacco shops ask me if I’ve quit yet. Why would I be vaping and smoking too? In my opinion, do one or the other. I couldn’t imagine going back to smoking when this alternative is safer and tastes so much better. Sure, it looks corny and it’s a pain to maintain at first, but I no longer smell like and ashtray and all the other crap that goes along with smoking.

  3. Anthony

    Amen to that brother


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