James Holmes is no friend to mental illness

James Holmes

James Holmes

After his arrest for the movie theater murders in Aurora, Colorado, a number of James Holmes fangirls showed up on the internet, mostly Tumblr, because…well…it’s Tumblr. Having dealt with a murder groupie or two in my time I wrote about the self-proclaimed ‘Holmies’ here.

With his recent conviction this article from Slate by Amanda Hess revisits with the Holmies to see if their attitude has changed towards their mass-murdering heartthrob. Surprisingly it has but not necessarily for the better. A number of them now see him as some sort of martyr for mental illness in this country. As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety on a daily basis let me make it clear that in no way, shape or form should this assclown be used as the poster boy for mental illnesses. To do so would be wrong for a number of different reasons.

First to portray him as some sort of sympathetic figure is akin to excusing him for the brutal murders of 12 innocent people. Secondly, there’s enough of a stigma against mental illnesses already that this would make people think that anyone with even the slightest psychological defect is a potential mass murderer. Lastly and most importantly it would further discourage people suffering from a mental illness from seeking treatment lest they be thought a danger to those around them.

If you want to make anyone the spokesperson for mental illness and treatment make it the person who suffers in silence since no one around them can understand how they’re feeling and who receive advice like “Have you tried not being depressed?” by people who don’t know any better.

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  1. hhumbert

    No kidding. Wow. It’s murder, and murderers attract their groupies.

    But to your point, look, we’re all walking wounded. None of us had the perfect childhood. Even the uber-rich will bitch about the unrealistic expectations of their parents.

    I’ve got family members who have serious mental challenges around esteem, depression, motivation, and no doubt have a chemical imbalance. But their biggest potential victim is themselves. This turd did not have an ounce of empathy for fellow human beings. A true psychopath, not merely mentally ill.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      This turd did not have an ounce of empathy for fellow human beings. A true psychopath, not merely mentally ill.

      This bears repeating.


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