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Sue Klebold, the mother of Columbine coward Dylan Klebold, is set to have an interview with Diane Sawyer aired on ABC in February of 2016. The date of the airing is set to coincide with the release of her book which I first wrote about here. The book is entitled “A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy.” All proceeds from the book will go to charity and mental health research.

I’ve said all I wanted to say about the book in my previous post however it seems that the interview is already being set up as an excuse-fest with this quote from ABC…

Journals kept by Klebold, who was reportedly in a program for highly intellectual students and was his father’s chess partner, revealed that he had grown increasingly shy in his teenage years. He was bullied and had turned inward to journals.

I guess we have to go through this at least one more time. There is no evidence to indicate that Klebold or his scumbag buddy Eric Harris were ever bullied. Conversely, there is plenty of evidence that they were the bullies themselves.

Too many news shows these days try to portray criminals as victims or falsely accused and a number of gullible viewers believe whatever is spouted from the mouths of talking heads which in turn is helping to lead to a society where no one is held responsible for their actions. As having said before that she has nothing to apologize for, Sue Klebold will be their champion.

5 thoughts on “Mother of Columbine killer to give TV interview

  1. Michele Morin says:

    I stopped reading with this self serving post. Hopefully, your goal in life is not to become an objective journalist. Klebold and Harris are totally responsible for their choices and actions and no one has ever said differently. They also killed themselves so there is no one to ask and no way to know anything now. Hell, they probably couldn’t answer these questions. Harris’ parents had him going to a psychiatrist who apparently missed something. But to paint with such a broad stroke and blame the parents, law enforcement, the school, etc. among your rants is misleading at best and destructive at worst. Using your (il)logic we could blame their friends, also?? One of whom knew Dylan was taking St. John’s Wort, which few people know is an herb for depression. 99.9% of their actions weren’t any different than a “normal” teenager, actually flying under the radar more than most teens as far as “acting out” or getting into trouble. You cannot deconstruct everything and arrive at an answer always. Being a parent, I can guarantee there isn’t a day that hasn’t gone by that those four parents haven’t asked themselves more questions than anyone else has, with endless ruminations, along with the “what ifs?” But I don’t believe they’ve done anything specifically “wrong” to need forgiveness. They feel as much torment, and more, than every family of the murdered. Even many of the victims have shown more forgiveness than you possess. It’s not healthy. You need help.


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