Mother of Columbine killer to give TV interview


Sue Klebold, the mother of Columbine coward Dylan Klebold, is set to have an interview with Diane Sawyer aired om ABC in February of 2016. The date of the airing is set to coincide with the release of her book which I first wrote about here. The book is entitled “A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy.” All proceeds from the book will go to charity and mental health research.

I’ve said all I wanted to say about the book in my previous post however it seems that the interview is already being set up as an excuse fest with this quote from ABC…

Journals kept by Klebold, who was reportedly in a program for highly intellectual students and was his father’s chess partner, revealed that he had grown increasingly shy in his teenage years. He was bullied and had turned inward to journals.

I guess we have to go through this at least one more time. There is no evidence to indicate that Klebold or his scumbag buddy Eric Harris were ever bullied. Conversely there is plenty of evidence that they were the bullies themselves.

Too many news shows these days try to portray criminals as victims or falsely accused and a number of gullible viewers believe whatever is spouted from the mouths of talking heads which in turn is helping to lead to a society where no one is held responsible for their actions. As having said before that she has nothing to apologize for, Sue Klebold will be their champion.

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  1. This is my first time reading your material. I must say, it is disgustingly obvious that you have never suffered any such loss/tragedy and that you possess no human empathy/compassion for those who have. It is important to remember that the Klebold family lost a beloved son/brother and that they were not responsible for Dylan’s actions. This seems like the perfect time to remind some people that those who live in glass houses should never throw stones.

    1. I have plenty of compassion, except it’s for the real victims in this tragedy, Not for someone who was partially responsible for the cowardly murders of 13 innocent people nor the self absorbed parents who allowed such an atrocity to be concocted under their own roof.

          1. I am from Germany so my English is not the best, sorry. Of course the 13 familie suffer a lot. And I am very sorry for them. But Susan also lost her son. In his last hours of life he did horrible, unforgivable things. I think she suffered too, but in another horrible way, knowing her son killed others kids.

  2. Oh, Trench. I feel that good ol’ deja vu anytime I see a post on something on Columbine and your name is attached. I don’t condone bullying as an excuse for anything, but to say there’s no evidence they were bullied is eye rolling. You’ve been saying this for years, and yet it all there in the tons of reports- statements and interviews from other students and in their own journals. They were picked on and harassed, it’s on many websites, it’s in books about the subject, it’s there. You continue to spout it never happened, you always dismiss people. They did bully back, that’s also the truth. They were bullies themselves-but this was a 2 way street. They bullied, people bullied them. I don’t know why there’s a small group who think they never got harassed, the whole school environment seemed shitty by the sounds of it according to many kids interviewed over the years, like many schools can be. Popular kids pushing around less popular, stronger guys picking on smaller ones, people complained of big guys at Columbine even pushing the girls up against lockers and giving them a rough time.

    For some reason you really have it in for Sue, always have, guess you always will. I hid my horrible depression and suicidal thoughts hard from my entire family from 13 until I was 22. My parents weren’t stupid or negligent, I just was good at pretending I was alright. Many kids open up about this online more freely now-they hide their feelings from everyone. They feel like they put on an act that could win an Oscar. I get the situation is different-how could you not notice your kid was plotting a murder? But many people are surprised of their family member’s actions when something happens. Look at people like the BTK killer-different situation, sure, but his family had zero idea until he was caught. He hid his real self well. It happens, people hide themselves away and let what people want to see shine through. I do agree with a statement you made about a ‘not my kid’ syndrome, (along those lines) which…isn’t every parent like that? Or even if you have no children, a family member/a friend? I’m a parent, I could never fathom my child doing a horrendous act-it’s not a crime to think your kid is wonderful and would never commit an act like that, because no person wants to think their child is capable of something so terrible.

    Sorry, I’m rambling at this point. I feel like a lot of these convos with people about this subject is always touchy, lot of emotions, lot of going nowhere, lots of ’round and ’round that isn’t as fun as the Ratt song. I know if you read this you’ll roll your eyes and continue to hold to your statements, and I’ll continue to hold to mine, we’ll never see eye to eye. However, I look forward to her book. I won’t apologize for feeling compassion for the families of everyone involved. I just personally feel there’s so much under the surface in some instances like this that people don’t want to dig into.

      1. Given there’s 11K pages of a report of the investigation and many things redacted from both that and personal journal found, no, I admit I cannot give one name for certain off the top of my head. However, I don’t understand how you don’t believe those people who said many athlete type kids bullied others, physically and verbally, and Harris and Klebold were part of those kids targeted. Though Brooks Brown can be very…iffy about his accounts, both he and Devon Adams did a taped interview about how shitty they themselves were treated, with Dylan and Eric as well. Just glancing through statements, a lot of kids complained about these jock type kids being jerks. Just because no names were given doesn’t mean they were it all making it up. I’m not looking for a fight, here. There could be a good reason names weren’t released or hidden. Lots of current events now will talk of bullying when a shooting happens, but not give bullies names. It could be a family safety issue-some might go after a family thinking that kid pushed another over the edge. Some can get violent and ridiculous about it.

        1. So that would be a no then? Yet we have the names of the people that Harris and Klebold bullied themselves not to mention their criminal activity prior to the shootings that their parents (mainly the Harrises) blamed on others. But while we’re on the subject please enlighten me to how they were bullied.

          1. Why do you think them having been bullied states by many, even their own words in the library ‘thus is for what you’ve put us thru the last four years’ why does admitting they were bullied mean it’s somehow excusing their actions? It isn’t. But it may explain in part what served to push two very unstable people over the edge. Second, this woman is clearly suffering too. I do not believe she raised her son to behave in a violent manner nor is there any indication that either of these boys were abused. Did she miss things? Yeah, obviously, and I’m sure she suffers with that every day. If she were profiting personally off the book I’d be disgusted, but she isn’t.

          2. Ps the blotted out the name of the girl Dylan was obsessed with too. My guess is they took the names out to protect privacy or as the other poster said to prevent someone from targeting someone else who may been seen as the ’cause’ of them going nuts. Just a thought.

  3. I stopped reading with this self serving post. Hopefully, your goal in life is not to become an objective journalist. Klebold and Harris are totally responsible for their choices and actions and no one has ever said differently. They also killed themselves so there is no one to ask and no way to know anything now. Hell, they probably couldn’t answer these questions. Harris’ parents had him going to a psychiatrist who apparently missed something. But to paint with such a broad stroke and blame the parents, law enforcement, the school, etc. among your rants is misleading at best and destructive at worst. Using your (il)logic we could blame their friends, also?? One of whom knew Dylan was taking St. John’s Wort, which few people know is an herb for depression. 99.9% of their actions weren’t any different than a “normal” teenager, actually flying under the radar more than most teens as far as “acting out” or getting into trouble. You cannot deconstruct everything and arrive at an answer always. Being a parent, I can guarantee there isn’t a day that hasn’t gone by that those four parents haven’t asked themselves more questions than anyone else has, with endless ruminations, along with the “what ifs?” But I don’t believe they’ve done anything specifically “wrong” to need forgiveness. They feel as much torment, and more, than every family of the murdered. Even many of the victims have shown more forgiveness than you possess. It’s not healthy. You need help.

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