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When I posted about former owner of MyRedbook, Eric Omuro, being prosecuted and convicted of facilitating prostitution one of the reactions I received was that MyRedbook was ‘different’ and that no children were being trafficked on the site.

The federal government may disagree since recently two men from San Jose, California, pleaded guilty to trafficking a minor for sex on MyRedbook. 28-year-old Justin Everett Crutchfield and 24-year-old Demontae Terrell Toliver both pleaded guilty in federal court to knowingly trafficking a girl who was under the age of 16 on the former escort site.

I can already hear you saying “But Trench, this is only one instance of child prostitution on MyRedbook”. To that I say MyRedbook had a much smaller userbase than a site like Backpage. Not only that but usually where there’s one instance of a crime going on there’s more that is either not caught or we don’t hear about.

Thankfully this avenue for trafficking women and children has been closed and hopefully another and more major closing will be happening soon.

2 thoughts on “Two plead guilty to child prostitution on MyRedbook

  1. SoccrrMomByDay says:

    I am an adult provider who used RB to mainly post in.
    I at one point found out a provider was underaged about a month before rb”s seizure and I reported the ad to MyredBook .
    The ad was taken down with in minutes of me bringing it to there attention.
    So, if your saying that they allowed or ignored the fact minots were posting on there site. Your mistaken.
    This affected consenting adults from paying rent and put a lot of Providers at higher risk. So if the FBI think they did “Women ” a favor. They did not.
    Decriminalizing would make it safer on us consenting adults who love there job like myself.Seperate the pimps , traffickers and abusers because we could report without the worry of arrest .
    The ignorance on what people really think a Sex Worker is like and the truth on the majority that can’t stand up and tell the world due to stigma and worried about being arrested is so tiring and frustrating.
    I really get irritated with the “trafficking” stings that arrest 100 consensual women and 5 victims. What is the point? Trafficking should be stopped but us who are independent , Proffesional and Consenting Adults need to be left alone .
    Decrimanalize don’t criticize it !!
    Get the real Criminals !
    I should not be punished because Red did not pay his taxes which is the real reason for RB shutting down.
    Money, money , money.


    1. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you. Women should not be arrested in prostitution stings as in most cases they are victims themselves however I do believe that penalties should be increased for johns and pimps. Real jail time too, not some kind of citation.

      As far as the ‘consenting adults’ thing goes, the women I’ve talked to who have worked in the ‘industry’ tell me that it’s the exact opposite, that most working girls are not there under their own accord and that they were in situations where they were far from consenting.


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