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Joseph Leon Love

Joseph Leon Love

25-year-old Joseph Leon Love was a teacher in Norman, Oklahoma. I say was because he got into a little hot water after allegedly posting the following ad on craigslist…

“Any dads like to perv over their young sons, let’s talk. I want to talk to any real dads out there who have sons and like to think pervy thoughts about them. Let’s have some hot chat.”

That’s not even trying to hide what you’re after.

Of course he was contacted by an undercover detective posing as the father of a young boy. Love reported said he’d bring weed for the three of them to smoke and grape wine coolers for the boy to get him to loosen up. Love was arrested at a meeting place set up by police and since his arrest he’s resigned from the school district.

I have to ask craigslist is it community policing when it’s being done by the actual police? Self-moderation would go a long way in keeping your site from being the go to choice of predators looking for new victims.

2 thoughts on ““Any dads like to perv over their young sons?”

  1. Jeff says:

    I live in an area where incest is not taboo. You’d be surprised how many people want it legalized.


    1. May I ask how you know many people in your area want it legalized?


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