DUI In America

In case you didn’t already know how devastating and costly driving under the influence is let this infographic sober you up to the facts.

Via: Potashnik & Associates

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  1. Alyric

    As someone who lives in Wisconsin, the statistics for our state don’t surprise me. I know of people who’ve gotten 10+ DUIs and still had their license.

    The (grim) joke here is that they don’t take away your license until you’ve killed at least 3 people.

    As a side note, the most likely/least likely popups in the graphic are kind of a joke – it’s not based on percentages or actual likelihood, it’s just a reflection of the largest and smallest regions in the country.

    Edited to add: I should note that over the last few years, enforcement has been improving, but it’s been a slow process.


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