Mass shooting plot thwarted at World Pokemon Championships

No, it wasn't Team Rocket

No, it wasn’t Team Rocket

I didn’t want to do this story. When the story first broke I posted a link on my Facebook page that said “That’s it. We’ve failed. The last one leaving society please turn out the lights.” However the more I read about the story and saw just how outlandish it was I had to comment.

For those of you who haven’t heard 18-year-old Kevin Norton and 27-year-old James Stumbo were arrested at the World Pokemon Championships in Boston over the weekend for allegedly planning a mass shooting at the event. For those of you who were curious like I was the championships were for both the card game and the video games.

It’s not like the pair had much of a chance because they were consistently bragging about it on social media leading up to the event. They allegedly posted images of their firearms saying that this would be bigger than Columbine, natch, and referenced another Boston Massacre. At the time of their capture the pair were said to have an AR-15, a shotgun and a cubic ass-ton of ammo.

While both ‘men’ were invited to the event the supposed reason they wanted to shoot up the place was because Norton was banned from an online Pokemon forum. Let me rephrase that in greater detail. An 18-year-old Pokemon player was banned from what was probably a message board, got so butthurt over it he wanted to shoot up a public event and convinced a 27-year-old man to join him. He was playing chicken with a message board moderator with guns. While this may seem a tad silly and they were easily captured there could have been a substantial loss of life…OVER A POKEMON MESSAGE BOARD. I don’t think there could be a bigger first world problem than that.

With each passing generation our society is becoming more spoiled, more entitled and less able to properly emotionally deal with some perceived slight without resorting to violence and yes I do believe it is a problem uniquely entrenched in America.

UPDATE 11/12/2015: Both suspects have pleaded not guilty and their bond has been set at $150K each. In setting the bond the judge stated…

“They can buy guns anywhere: Wal-Mart, Bass Pro Shops. … I’m not going to add a thousand conditions that are virtually unenforceable.”

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  1. Mare

    I agree with you that American’s are more likely to take any rejection or failure violently, and because guns are available to these emotionally immature people, they can kill innocent people a lot faster than they were banned from that forum. Too bad many parents help foster this entitlement. And why not? Our schools seldom ever hold kids back or fail them when they don’t achieve our often meager requirements.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Very astute comment Mare. Thank you.

    2. edrebber

      And medical community hands out psychotropic pharmaceuticals like Halloween candy. Other countries don’t have anywhere near the access to these drugs that Americans do.

    3. Valigator

      wow!!! Mare I have heard of presumptuous, but that post takes the cake. In one fell swoop you trashed an entire country ,All Parents and every school …walk on water much?

      1. Mare

        We can keep patting ourselves on the back and giving ourselves gold stars and “participant” ribbons so everyone’s a winner, or we can say, “We can do better.” Then we need to work together and figure out how we can make our country a more peaceful, better educated, and happier place to live. Sadly Valigator, we rank very low in polls of how happy people are in their country. We rank low in education. We do top the polls in violence, though! If you have a plan, I would be grateful to hear it.

        1. Valigator

          And if you did hear it, if you received a bullet point, specific plan that outlined YOUR particular concerns with relevant viable options for remedy- 50% of the people would disagree and scream from the roof-tops against it. It’s easy Mare to observe the problems, different ballgame to get people to agree on fixing them.

          1. Mare

            I would suggest our first task would be to look at how the top 2-3 best countries in each category (mental health, education, low violence, etc.) are being so successful. What do you think?

          2. Valigator

            I believe that is always the first order of business when attempting a strategy for any template to success. Along with that, we have to consider the variables that allow for that strategy to be implemented. Funding, Government, Private Implementation (corruption) barriers to such (special interest) etc. Just remember first and foremost whatever comparisons to other countries that you make, our considerations are based on the premises of our Republic and the founding fathers they set forth and intended. I may love Singapore’s stellar low level crime rate, that doesn’t mean I would advocate public shaming and Caning in the public square.

          3. Trench Reynolds

            Mare may be generalizing but I don’t think she’s too far off. There are too many individuals who are the products of the ‘at least you tried’ philosophy who think that they’re special snowflakes who believe the world owes them something.

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