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David Haskin

24-year-old David Haskin, of Grand Junction, Colorado, has been arrested for allegedly ‘having sex’ (child rape) with a 12-year-old girl that he met on social networking site MeetMe. Before you ask, because I know you will, the terms of service for MeetMe, like most social sites, state that the minimum age for users is 13.

The victim and she is a victim in the eyes of the law, would let Haskin in the house when no one else was home.

After his arrest, Haskin had a response that was worthy of a Chris Hansen interview…

“Fifteen maybe,” Haskin allegedly replied, when asked by investigators if he knew the girl’s age. “I honestly don’t know how old she is.”

First off that’s probably a load of crap, and secondly, the age of consent in Colorado is 17 so even if she was 15 you’d still get arrested.

3 thoughts on “Colo. MeetMe Molester: “I honestly don’t know how old she is.”

  1. Vega says:

    I bet he’s a Juggalo. Per capita there are more Juggalos in GJ than anywhere else.


    1. I wouldn’t doubt it but I stopped picking on the Juggalos when everyone else started doing it.


  2. Carrie says:

    Here’s something crazy. That was my boyfriend. Me and him were dating when he got arrested. I knew nothing about this girl until I was on the phone with him one day and detectives knocked on his door and he later on told me that a 15 year old girl he had sexual intercourse with told him she was 22 and that SHE lied about HER age. I later on saw the newspaper article and found out all of his dirty little secrets. He tried telling me the fake account was made by one of his friends and that he didn’t know she was that young. He’s in jail for a while now. If he doesn’t accept paroll in 2018, he’ll be there til 2021.


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