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Many years ago before I just had the one blog here at TTRR I had several and one of them was called MyCrimeSpace. It dealt exclusively with all the crimes that were happening on or though MySpace. Today I probably could open one specifically just for the criminals on smart phone messaging app kik.

In our latest incident 20-year-old Saudi national Abdulrahim Altalh, from Evansville, Indiana, has been recently arrested for allegedly blackmailing a 15-year-old Danvers, Massachusetts, girl into sending him explicit photos of herself on Kik. Altalh is said to have used one of the oldest tricks in the online predators playbook. He would pose as a teenage girl to gain the confidence of his victim. At first he is said to have started out asking his victim for a topless photo, Once he received that photo he would demand more explicit photos or he would send the pictures to the victim’s friends and family which in this case he is said to have actually done just that. At one point, still posing as a teen girl, he tried to convince his victim that she should meet a man named only as A.A. and have sex with him. Nice alias you came up there with Dillinger. The treatment from Altalh got so bad the girl even considered suicide as a way out. Instead the victim reported the acts to her father and police. Altalh is now being held on $750K bond since he’s considered a flight risk.

The reason that online predators use the same old tricks is because they’re effective. He may have tried this trick on dozens of victims before finally finding one that would take the bait. Also I shudder to think what would have happened if this girl did take her own life. Altalh probably wouldn’t have cared. It also makes me wonder how many girls have committed suicide after running into predatory assclowns like this guy.

Kids, I say to you only talk yo people on Kik that you already know in the real world and parents keep tabs on who is on your kids friendlist on Kik because as I’ve said before and will keep sating Kik is a veritable playground for pedophiles and sex offenders.

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