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Corwin Thomas Moose

43-year-old Corwin Thomas Moose (I can’t make this stuff up folks), of Maple Grove, Minnesota, has been recently arrested and charged with two counts of prostitution of a minor. A 16-year-old girl was allegedly advertising herself on Backpage for sex. I see that Backpage’s age verification process hasn’t changed at all, but I digress. Moose is said to have had sex with her at her home.

Police found the girl’s ad and approached her considering her a victim. They posed as the girl and arranged another meeting with Moose and this is what went down…

Police met him at the gas station and arrested him. In his vehicle, they found a large empty suitcase, rubber gloves, and a new tarp lining the trunk.

Police also discovered that Moose did not have the $100 when he arrived at the gas station.

The victim should consider herself very lucky that police found her because it appears that if they didn’t she may have been just another statistic and just a little more blood on Backpage’s hands.

But seriously, the dude has a head like a giant potato, right?

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