Your children are easy to find


This is an article from the StarNews Online, from Wilmington, North Carolina, about Lucas Michael Chansler. If you’ll recall Chansler is said to have extorted explicit pictures from at least 350 underage girls that he met on MySpace and Stickam. I don’t want to talk about Chansler per se but how easy it was to find some of his victims…

Special Agent Lawrence Meyer testified some of the girls in Chansler’s computer database were easy to identify. He told the court some of the girls put a lot of information about themselves in their profiles, like their full name and state.

Others, like a victim in Wilmington, were tracked down thanks to clues from the images they sent to Chansler.

Meyer said an FBI analyst found a photo of a girl on Chansler’s computer that included a radio station banner in the background. The analyst searched the radio call numbers and it led him to Wilmington.

Another victim in Texas was leaning against a plate glass window in her school library. Reflected in the window was the school sign.

I remember another story from years ago where a predator was able to identify his victim by the number on her soccer uniform and showed up at one of her games.

Use this as an opportunity to tell you kids that even the smallest amount of information shared with a stranger can lead to them being found in real life by a predator.

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