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As I mentioned late in my previous post the attacker’s name has been made public and his name is Anton Lundin Pettersson and if it wasn’t for the fact that he killed two people and injured others his goofball attack would almost seem comical.

Reports state that Pettersson was reciting the infamous line from Empire Strikes Back; “I am your father” while swinging the sword. He was also playing what witnesses described as Halloween music during the attack. This clown sounds more like a basement dwelling chucklehead who wanted to start in his own pathetic movie than a cold-blooded killer but here we are.

Police and media in Sweden have also stated that he espoused nazi ideas on his social media pages. I’ve seen his Facebook and YouTube pages and he seemed more like some dumb kid who was playing at nazi rather than someone who belonged to an actual hate group. However police have said that they found more information in his home that shows more nazi sentiment than just what is on his Facebook page. Not to mention that the killings do appear to be racially motivated. Many witnesses have said that he only attacked non-whites. The school itself is said to have a large percentage of minorities enrolled. The fatalities were 20-year-old teaching assistant Lavin Eskandar, who was trying to protect students, and 15-year-old student Ahmed Hassan who is Somalian.

I also think that besides being a chucklehead who got lucky, so to speak, he was also just another copycat. Something I noticed on his Facebook and Youtube pages is that he was a fan of the band Rammstein. For the uninitiated Rammstein is an industrial/metal band from Germany who are unapologetically German. The majority of their lyrics are even in German. The thing is they are no fan of nazis and have made this clear in the past. However such entitled morons like Eric Harris, Pekka-Eric Auvinen, Eliot Rodger and now this assclown can’t seem to separate Germany from nazis even though all nazi imagery and icons have been made illegal in modern Germany. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also a Columbiner. I bet the tumblr girls are already adding him to their scrapbooks. Sadly I’m amazed that this troglodyte could even tie his shoes let alone murder two people. At least the police took him out. One less nazi wannabe in the world.

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