New twist in NY roommate killing

In my last post about the murder of 66-year-old Michael Wimbert in West Nyack, New York, I said that it did not appear to be ‘roommate with benefits’ situation. I may have been wrong about that. The Rockland County Times is saying that this could be the ad placed by victim Michael Wimbert…


In my opinion that looks exactly like a roommate with benefits ad.

This is important now because the alleged killer, 19-year-old Dylan Lentini, has pleaded not guilty and is claiming that Wimbert tried to molest him and he acted out of self-defense. However I have doubts about that too since Wimbert was recovering from eye surgery and I wonder if lethal force was a necessary self-defense.

I’m still not ready to classify this as your ‘normal’ craigslist killing. Also how sad is it that there are craigslist killings that are considered normal?

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  1. This is not the ad Dylan Lentini answered. Dylan is not gay, and had made statements to his coworkers that he wouldn’t stay in homeless shelters because of the high incidence of homosexual behavior &amp violence. Dylan was a young man trying to start a new life, who had a job, saved his money and answered an ad to find a decent place to live. Sadly he fell prey to a sexual predator. More investigating needs to be done on Michael Wimbert’s past and his behavior with young men. In addition his professional past needs to be examined – such as why he was only employed 2011-12 at the Mount Pleasant School District.

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