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Facebook refuses to remove hoax picture accusing man of child abuse

In the days since my last post about the above picture making the rounds on Facebook I’ve had several people claiming to be family of the victim leaving comments claiming that this is not a hoax. I’m still not convinced it’s not a hoax considering that for one everyone claiming to be a family member is an extended family member. That’s the familial version of a friend of a friend. Secondly, simple questions about the matter go unanswered like what police department is currently searching for him. It’s obviously not the Manchester, New Hampshire, police since there’s no mention of Wright anywhere in their wanted list or on any of their social media.

Also the ‘family’ seemed to overlook my second statement about the matter that even if the abuse allegations are true, posting this picture could jeopardize the investigation and any possible prosecution. Especially considering some of the language being used in some of the Facebook posts related to the matter

Were you at asshole I’d like to do that to you your a candyass punk little bitch your going to love jail

Nigga I would kill you if that was my child she nor even mine and this shit got me wanting to see this njgga and fuck him up wih a crowbar facts how could u do this to that baby wtf she do to deserve to get beat up you are a scum to this earth I hope someone fucks you in your ass every night till u begging it to be over fuck face

Low life piece of shit!! Come to maine! I ‘ll show u ur punk ass wont survive in any hood…starting w those fingers of urs….run but u cant hide!

I’ll beat his ass if I saw him make him member that ass whooping then go turn us both in

And so on.

Not to mention that the earliest I could find that this was posted on Facebook so far is December 10th. So you’re going to tell me that thus guy has been on the run from police this long and there’s been absolutely no mention of these alleged crimes outside of Facebook?

The combined facts, or lack thereof, makes the whole situation highly suspect.

I’ll just leave this here for a lot of you…


UPDATE 1/9/2016: I was going through some Facebook posts about the situation to see if anything new has developed and lo and behold I found this. It seems that there may have been a response by the Manchester PD after all…


The release from Manchester PD goes as follows…



To: Press

11 December 2015

A picture has surfaced on social media, specifically on Facebook of a child with injuries.

The Manchester Police Department is currently investigating as to whether or not there is a criminal aspect to the case.

We as an agency would not and did not submit or post these photographs. Furthermore, the investigation remains in its infantile stage and no one is wanted at this time.

So this response was made a day after the original picture went up yet that still didn’t stop the yokels from organizing a Facebook lynch mob that is still reposting the picture as if it’s gospel.

33 thoughts on “Follow-up to the Cody Wright picture on Facebook

  1. janetruth says:

    The child in the picture is younger than 4, IMO.


    1. That’s another thing. I’ve seen the age of the child listed as both 3 and 4.


      1. Doug says:

        So you dismiss claims from “extended family”? If I see that my niece was beaten by her father like that, and I see ppl on FB saying the story is fake, and that my claim of legitimacy is also false because I am an “extended famil member”, then does that make my story false? Simply because im the victims uncle, or grandparent?
        You make a big stink about getting the truth out there and yet dismiss claims because they come from a “extended family member”!
        Let me fill you in on something Mr. Know it all…..facts tell us that IMMEDIATE family members almost NEVER file these types of claims….and it is almost ALWAYS a friend of the family or an extended family member who brings these cowardly acts to light!
        Why dont you try to do some fact checking before you call other people names and try to dismiss the validity of their claims. Assholes like YOU are the reasons that DCFS has such a hard job! Aunts and uncles, grandparents have the validity of their charges dismissed! And some kids go on to die, because assholes like YOU with your “fact checking” claim the charges are false when they aren’t. You don’t know anything for a fact. All your claims are supposition. Nothing more.
        Thank God you werent around when this kind of stuff happened to me and my sister.


        1. You’re absolutely right. My claims are supposition, However my supposition is supported by the fact that there has been no arrest warrant issued which has been corroborated by the Manchester Police Department. If that little girl was abused to that degree and was seen by a doctor or hospital I have no doubt that someone would have been arrested for it in less then a span of two years. Considering the girl is wearing a hospital gown in the picture, the staff would have been required to contact law enforcement if they even slightly suspected abuse.


          1. Jokes says:

            Because it’s fake news. Your fake news lol. Rallying the stupid to whatever you say lol. I bet not a one of you actually did research, or that you know the cops said to stop posting this photo or their will be criminal actions brought against you. Lol if the police said he didn’t do it then he didn’t do it. Thank you for your time sheepeople BAAAAAHHHHH LOL. FAKE NEWS!!!!


  2. Nuna says:

    No proof I even talk the fucking pigs there


    1. Is that even a sentence?


    2. holiay says:

      Nuna you need to learn some ENGLISH


    3. firefly12183 says:

      Wow, you’re a class act. You reach out to them for information, out of concern, hoping they’re doing their job of serving and protecting, and that’s how you refer to them. Sorry my friend, but you’re the pig.


  3. Nonny says:

    Looks like Cody Wright is the real name of the person in the photo. He is also located in NH. I found his MySpace page and I’m pretty sure it’s him I wonder if he knows he is pasted all over FB with such serious allegations.


    1. Shelli Kitch says:

      So sweet of you to post the link .. so sweet.


  4. Bill Bobaggins says:

    There is a Cody Wright in Manchester, NH, and his pictures match the person in the photo. –

    Also, the above post about the MPD’s response is no longer on the MEAC Facebook page. Nor is it on the MPD website. In fact, the alleged press release can’t be found anywhere other than a basic Manchester, NH news site.

    And there were three incidents of assault on (redacted) Avenue (according to where a Cody Wright allegedly lives (according to this page – (redacted) during the month of December.

    Not saying this person did anything, just presenting evidence.


    1. That G+ post was also posted to a conspiracy group called Truther Wars. Take that for what it’s worth.


  5. I had no problem finding the post on the MEAC Facebook page


  6. That post just hit my G+ page and I search the name up and found this… Glad I did now, so I posted your original post to my Facebook page with this one added to the comments section…


    1. And why does this happen to random individuals which more then likely only hurt the feelings of some mentally deranged girl… Why can’t it happen to Justin Bieber??? )


  7. Rachelle says:

    This is a 16 month old little girl who was actually taken to the hospital by her step father who is not the man everyone is posting about … Claiming she fell from her bed she later died from her injuries and the step father was charged with second degree murder .. Get with the program people !


    1. You wouldn’t happen to have the name of the alleged stepfather or any kind of news link would you?


      1. Erica Pate says:

        I think this was who she was talking about. It’s an article and video.


    2. Jen says:

      I would really like a link to the actual story to put a stop to my friends posting this every couple of months. =/


      1. That’s the problem. There is no actual real story.


          1. Not the same guy. Even if it was it doesn’t prove he allegedly abused the child in the picture. Bring me a New Hampshire arrest report and we’ll talk.


  8. Josie Johnson says:

    You sir are wrong. Here is Cody Wright’s Facebook and there are pictures of him and the actual little girl in his photos section.


    1. Which still doesn’t change the fact that no charges have been filed.


  9. Ron says:

    What really happened to the guy & the child??? I know this is old stuff but it is still being posted on face book! ! !


    1. There still haven’t been any charges filed and there’s no evidence to suggest they will be. If you’re like me and believe the story is untrue, or at least unfounded, try contacting Facebook to have the picture removed.


  10. Mike says:

    So , just to surmise, (1) it IS Cody, (2) He Does know the little girl,(3) NH has not denied the case is false but only “under investigation”. Sorry to say , but the police would outright say the post is false if it was. The fact they say “under investigation” only /means the daughters parents or family members haven’t pressed charges and the police have no solid proof to arrest. Domestic violence occurs this way especially with battered wives/gf’s and nothing can be done .

    Just saying…


    1. So, is plastering his picture across Facebook with no facts to back up any accusations the correct way to get justice?


  11. Sue smith says:

    The story has been circulating for 3 years.?!
    Geesh!…let it go already….and move on to yet another fake story!


  12. Catherine Bird says:

    I did a search for the name, “Cody Wright” and a page came up from the Texas Tribune ( with a report of a ‘Cody Wright,’ serving 7 years in the Huntsville (jail) in Bell County, who had committed an “aggravated sexual assault” on a child (no further details) in 2004. There is no picture, so there is no proof that the picture in the FB post is the same ‘Cody Wright.’ Here’s the link:


  13. Tony says:

    Cody Wright is at the union rescue mission sleeping on the ground floor men’s day room here n down town LA off San Pedro n 5thst


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