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I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I’ve done one of these. I’m really bad at doing regularly scheduled features.

Anyway with the recent passing of rock god Lemmy I thought it was time to dust off this concept and feature this seminal rock band.

I actually didn’t get into Motörhead until the early 90’s. I was aware of albums like Iron Fist, Ace of Spades and Orgasmatron but for some reason I just never picked them up. Then in 1991 my girlfriend at the time bought me 1916 which is still my personal favorite Motörhead album of all time.

Not surprisingly the trip from Motörhead to Dio is a short one as Lemmy co-wrote a number of songs on the Ozzy Osbourne album ‘No More Tears’ which inevitably leads us to the Ozzy to Sabbath to Dio connection.

Here is Motörhead with my favorite song off of 1916, Nightmare/The Dreamtime.

Unfortunately the other thing that they have in common is that these immense talents both played up until the time they were both claimed by cancer. Fuck cancer.


All hail their names. m/

If there’s a band you’d like to see featured please leave a comment below.

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