Tulsa craigslist ad posted by someone claiming to be killer


Someone in Tulsa, Oklahoma posted the above ad on craigslist recently claiming that they killed someone and are moving on to Oklahoma City to claim their next victim. I guess 2016 is starting out to be the year of web hoaxes.

Yes this is obviously some kind of hoax. Tulsa police claim that they’re investigating the ad but say that they currently don’t have any murder victims where the accused murderer has not been apprehended. Typically if this was posted by a serial killer who was wanting this kind of attention the body would have been found already.

More than likely this is someone with a criminal history who is trying to put the scare into people in the system who they feel have wronged them. The two people mentioned at the end of the ad are a Department of Corrections employee and a judge.

Let’s also not forget that craigslist is a breeding ground for these kind of hoaxes. Every once in a while someone will post an ad for a child for sale thinking they’re funny. Until the police show up though because it a lot of jurisdictions posting an ad like that is illegal, even if it’s a joke.

So, no mystery. Go about your business Tulsa.

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