More about alleged abuse of boy who died in Kenny Bartley’s care

Kenny Bartley
Kenny Bartley

Again let me preface this by saying that as of the time I’m posting this no criminal charges have been filed. Because of that I will not be posting anyone’s name except for Bartley’s. Technically he is wanted by authorities but not for this.

Anyway the father of the boy who died from blunt force trauma while in Kenny Bartley’s care has written to the governor’s of both Virginia and Tennessee asking for legal action to be taken. That part I’m not interested in too much. I’m more interested in the additional details that have been released concerning the boy’s injuries.

From WTAE…

A report from Inova Children’s Hospital found that while the child’s fatal injuries could have been caused by the fall as described, some features of his injuries, including certain wounds on his scalp and retinal hemorrhages, were not likely to have been caused by the fall as described.

The boy’s mother who is also Bartley’s ‘therapist’ claims that the boy fell off of some stairs onto gravel outside. Speaking of her she is refuting any abuse charges but in my opinion is acting more than a little suspicious…

In addition, the doctor conducting the report, Dr. William E. Hauda II, found several healing spinal injuries and a healing arm fracture. Correspondence with the mother is included in the report, in which she said she contacted an orthopedist via the website who said the spinal injuries could have been caused by being strapped into a child safety seat too tightly. According to the report, Dr. Hauda was unable to find any evidence that the injuries could have been caused by a child safety seat.

Really? So her defense is asking a doctor over the internet who has not examined the boy or his injuries. That sounds a lot like the coffee table defense. That’s the one where the parents of a child who has blunt force trauma say that the child hit its head on the coffee table when it’s clearly abuse.

She also claims she’s had other medical professionals look at the boy’s medical records and that they found no evidence of abuse. She also blames the boy’s father for stirring shit up because he allegedly had his own legal troubles. This all sounds so Jerry Springer to me and makes me wonder how this woman not only became a therapist but how she was allowed to keep a violent criminal like Bartley at her house.

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