Many charges dropped in NY roommate killing

Many charges dropped in NY roommate killing
Dylan Lentini

In the almost 16 years of this website I have believed that only three people who I’ve posted about were either wrongly convicted or arrested. I may now have a fourth.

I originally posted about Dylan Lentini here and here. He was arrested last year for the alleged stabbing murder of 66-year-old Michael Wimbert of West Nyack, New York.

Since that time all the counts of robbery in the first degree have been dropped as have three of the four murder in the second degree charges. Lentini has maintained that he killed Wimbert in self-defense stating that Wimbert kept trying to force himself upon the teen. Lentiti had a laceration of his own in his hand and yelled to neighbors to call 911 after fleeing the scene.

The only thing that keeps me from fully believing that Lentini acted in self-defense is the amount of stab wounds that Wimbert received and that was 24. Although with the robbery charges dropped I’m not seeing much of a motive for murder.

I’ll continue to keep an eye on this story for further details.

UPDATE 5/8/2016: Lentini recently gave a jailhouse interview claiming that Wimbert had raped him.

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  1. I am glad to see this update! I agree that Dylan Lentini is a victim, &amp only killed Wimbert out of self defense. In my research I have found many instances of multiple stab wounds against attackers in sex crimes. There is definitely a correlation perhaps due to something that being violated in such a way does to the victim’s psyche. Please see my facebook page for links to different cases where multiple stab wounds occur in sex crimes. Thank you so much for this piece. Please follow this link:

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