Tulsa teacher crept Canadian girl on Kik

James Wilson

James Wilson

31-year-old James Wilson was a band director at Tulsa, Oklahoma public schools. That was until his arrest for allegedly soliciting explicit pics from a 12-year-old Canadian girl on Kik. You can tell he didn’t prey on any of his students, that we know of, because he didn’t use Snapchat, but I digress.

Wilson is not only accused of posing as a 15-year-old boy on Kik but also pressuring the 12-year-old into sending him pictures.

He pressured her, sending messages such as, “You can trust me” and “You’re so beautiful, please, please, please,” according to the complaint.

Both are well established tricks used by online predators over the years. That should indicate that this probably wasn’t Wilson’s first victim. So should all the child porn investigators reportedly found…

Investigators say they found 235 photos and videos of “infants, toddlers and children under the age of 18” engaged in “explicit sexual activity.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if most if not all of those images were obtained on Kik since it’s a huge source of child porn trading. Let’s not forget that no 12-year-old girl needs to be on Kik. While Kik’s own terms of service say that you have to be at least 13 to use their service I would not recommend it for anyone under the age of 18 due to all the sex offenders and pedophiles that pollute Kik’s network.

School security guard caught Snapchatting student in bathroom

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams

24-year-old Daniel Williams is a security guard at a Long Island high school. He was arrested yesterday for allegedly recording a 16-year-old male student using the stall without the student’s knowledge. Williams then reportedly broadcast the recording over Snapchat. He is also said to have shared the video with another person while face to face with them and this person reportedly contacted authorities.

I guess I have to point out again that it seems that Snapchat is the tool of choice for school employed creepers. Of all the Snapchat stories I’ve posted the majority of the suspects have been employed by either schools or athletic classes. I don’t know if that’s a bigger indictment on our country’s education system or our society in general.

US Senate files lawsuit against Backpage

Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer

Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer

In the wake of Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer no-showing a congressional hearing on sex trafficking and the Senate voting to hold Backpage and Ferrer in contempt, the US Senate is now filing a lawsuit against Backpage. This lawsuit, the first filed by the Senate in 20 years, is meant to compel Backpage to turn over internal records about how it monitors the ads for prostitution and what length it goes to in order to prevent minors from being trafficked on their site. Backpage has also been accused of editing ads so the people placing the ads will avoid police action. It will be nothing if not entertaining to see how the worms that run Backpage try to protect how they make millions of dollars off the victims of human trafficking and child prostitution.

Ex-elementary principal from Texas turned craigslist creeper read his text messages too fast

Oscar Figueroa

Oscar Figueroa

While Kik may be the go to go to app for online predators these days craigslist still has a number of its own. For example 47-year-old Oscar Figueroa is currently on federal trial in Texas for child solicitation charges. The former elementary school principal is accused of posting ads on craigslist with such phrases as the almost usual “The Younger The better”.

Figueroa allegedly met a 35-year-old police investigator posing as a 16-year-old at a movie theater. One of his defenses is that since the undercover officer was actually 35 then there was no crime committed…

“If you send an undercover that looks like he’s 25 or 30, there’s no crime, right?” defense attorney Bruce Anton asked one witness.

Um…yes, there’s still a crime. If an undercover officer poses as a drug dealer in order to arrest a drug supplier there is still a crime being committed.

His other defense is that he read his text messages too fast…

Figueroa told police after he was arrested that he hadn’t read the text message closely and didn’t realize he had agreed to meet a minor.

Which kind of falls apart with the prosecution’s evidence…

On Tuesday, jurors saw nearly three dozen of Figueroa’s online ads from the 122 pages turned over by Craigslist to prosecutors. Those 122 pages of ads posted between Jan. 1, 2015, up until his arrest contained 208 references to age, using terms such as young, son, teen, kid and boy.

Turned over by craigslist but they supposedly can’t do anything to prevent ads like that from being posted, but I digress.

I’m sure the entrapment criers will try to turn Figueroa into one of their martyrs but make no mistake, this guy knew exactly what he was doing.

Elisa Baker still not taking responsibility for Zahra Baker’s death

Elisa Baker still not taking responsibility for Zahra Baker's death

Elisa Baker

ELisa Baker is still up to her grifting ways even in prison. Not only is she still denying that she had anything to do with 10-year-old Zahra Baker’s death but now she says she’s appealing her conviction for the death and dismemberment of her step-daughter. Elisa Baler is believed to have killed Zahra before dismembering her body then reporting her to the police as missing.

Now ELisa Baker is still trying to get someone, anyone to believe her lies. She claims that she was only given 15 minutes to agree to the guilty plea which saw her go to jail for 18 years for Zahra’s murder. Worst of all she’s still acting like she actually cares about Zahra…

From her cell in a North Carolina prison Elisa Baker, 47, told The Daily Telegraph she still keeps a photo of the smiling 10-year-old inside her locker.

“Why would she haunt me? I was a good mamma,” she told the newspaper.

No you weren’t. Good mama’s don’t deal drugs and abuse their step-children and they especially don’t mutilate them and try to cover up their murder. Sadly it could only take her convincing the right person to believe her lies in order to arrange her freedom.

Kenny Bartley arrested in Tennessee

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

Campbell County High School shooter Kenny Bartley was arrested this morning in LaFollette, Tennessee. He was not arrested for the death of the son of his counselor who he was living with in Virginia but for failing to meet his probation requirements from his 2015 agreement that allowed him to move to Virginia, specifically the use of alcohol.

Bartley was said to be present at the time of the boy’s death who allegedly died from blunt force trauma caused by abuse. No charges have been filed in the boy’s death as of yet.

Pa. RSO posted child porn to Tumblr

James Clemens Jr.

James Clemens Jr.

26-year-old James Clemens Jr. of Taylor, Pennsylvania, is a registered sex offender who was recently arrested for allegedly posting child porn to Tumblr. Clemens pleaded guilty in 2011 to bad-touching some kids at a church picnic. He’s also charged with not registering his Tumblr account with the state like I’m sure all sex offenders do.

How about instead of putting them on a registry we keep them in jail with real sentences. That will keep them from re-offending for a while.

Resentencing ordered for one of Jennifer Parks’ killers

James Zarate

James Zarate

James Zarate was 14 when he and his brother Jonathan brutally murdered and dismembered their neighbor, 16-year-old Jennifer Parks, in 2005. The younger Zarate was tried as an adult and sentenced in 2009 to life in prison with the eligibility of parole after serving 76 years of his sentence.

Now a New Jersey judge has ordered a resentencing for James Zarate based on the recent court rulings that mandatory life without parole for teens in cruel and unusual. Let’s not forget how cruel and unusual the Zarate brothers were to Jennifer Parks. Not only did they stab and bludgeon her to death but they dismembered her body so they could stuff it in a trunk which they tried to throw into the Passaic River. That’s not even including how cruel and unusual Jennifer’s murder was to her family. Not only did Jennifer’s parents divorce after her murder but her father, David Parks, died of a heart attack only two years after Zarate’s conviction. I’m sure this order for resentencing has opened old wounds for the Parks family making them relive this nightmare again. Is that not cruel and unusual?

The only saving grace here is that out of the cases that I’m following none of the cases appealed on these recent rulings have resulted in reduced sentences.

Laurie Parks can’t appeal to have Jennifer brought back to her so James Zarate should not be returned to his family any time soon or ever.

Madison High shooter to be tried as a juvenile


A Hamilton, Ohio, grand jury has made a huge mistake if you ask me. While they have indicted James Austin Hancock on attempted murder charges for the shooting at Madison Junior-Senior High School they have failed to charge him as an adult. While Hancock was 14 at the time of his crime he did shoot two people at almost point-blank range.

I would love to know what evidence compelled them to have him tried as a juvenile or is this just another case of ‘Won’t someone think about the children?’ Hancock recently turned 15 so is six years in Juvenile detention justice enough for his victims? I don’t believe so. He acted with nothing more than pure malice and intended to kill his victims and his charges should reflect that rather than sending him back out on the streets in 6 years with a sealed record.

UPDATE 3/26/2016: Hancock has entered a plea of not guilty.

3 WA teens accused of raping girl and broadcasting it on Snapchat


Three teens from Lakebay, Washington, ages 13. 14, and 17, are accused of allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl. The trio reportedly got the girl drunk in a shed on property of the victim’s family. Once the girl lost consciousness they are said to have tied her legs with an electrical cord and dragged her around the shed before raping her. They are also said to have burned a smiley face on to her body using a lighter. Video clips and still images of the attack were taken and sent out over Snapchat.

I’m not exactly sure what the Washington state law is when it comes to charging these little bastards as adults but they should be. If you don’t believe they should let me leave you with some additional information about their depravity…

When the mother approached the shed, she saw the 13-year-old and 17-year-old leap out a window and run. The 14-year-old was still inside the shed.

The victim was curled on the floor, half naked and covered in blood. Her sweatpants had been ripped off.

The day after the assault, the 13-year-old and the 17-year-old ran into the mother of the victim at a coffee shop and stopped to ask how her daughter was.

The older boy told the mom “that if he got in trouble for what happened in the shed, he would go after her family and he would kill her,” documents state.

So what’s a little witness intimidation on top of a rape that was broadcast all over the internet? These are not boys being boys but boys committing one of the most personally violating crimes one could commit. Charge them as adults, convict them and put them away for the rest of their lives.