Kik kreeper told 12-year-old victim ‘It’s a good thing you’re so mature’

Aaron Matthew Manning
Aaron Matthew Manning

26-year-old Aaron Matthew Manning of Bozeman, Montana, is accused of allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl that he met through the mobile messaging app Kik. The victim is said to have told Manning that she was 14 but that still didn’t stop Manning from picking her up and taking him back to his place where they ‘had sex’. The victim is then said to have told Manning her real age where he reportedly responded ‘It’s a good thing you’re so mature’.

As disgusting as that is that is another aspect of the old predator trick of preying on a victim’s insecurity. If they’re not complimenting their victim’s looks they’re trying to assuade some other insecurity their victims may have like how a 12-year-old girl may feel she should be treated like an adult.

Again this should come as no surprise as Kik is littered with sex offenders and pedophiles however no 12-year-old needs to be on any mobile messaging app let alone Kik.

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