Florida Kik kreeper narrated each movement of victim from car

Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez

27-year-old Miguel Rodriguez of Orange County, Florida, has been arrested for allegedly using the mobile messaging app Kik to send explicit photos of himself to an underage girl. Normally that would be scary enough for most parents but Rodriguez is said to have taken it even one step further…

Detectives said Rodriguez “narrated each movement” while watching the victim and her parents from his car as he was parked near their home.

So not only was the victim in potential danger but her entire family could have been as well. It doesn’t take a lot of information for a predator to find out where their victim lives. It can take as little information as where they go to school or what sport they play.

Kik is swimming with sex offenders and pedophiles and while Kik does cooperate with law enforcement it’s not their job to protect your kids. A vigilant parent is the best and only line of defense between online predators and your kids.

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