Madison High shooter to be tried as a juvenile


A Hamilton, Ohio, grand jury has made a huge mistake if you ask me. While they have indicted James Austin Hancock on attempted murder charges for the shooting at Madison Junior-Senior High School they have failed to charge him as an adult. While Hancock was 14 at the time of his crime he did shoot two people at almost point-blank range.

I would love to know what evidence compelled them to have him tried as a juvenile or is this just another case of ‘Won’t someone think about the children?’ Hancock recently turned 15 so is six years in Juvenile detention justice enough for his victims? I don’t believe so. He acted with nothing more than pure malice and intended to kill his victims and his charges should reflect that rather than sending him back out on the streets in 6 years with a sealed record.

UPDATE 3/26/2016: Hancock has entered a plea of not guilty.

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