Wisc. city to fine parents of bullies and why it won’t work


The city of Shawano, Wisconsin, recently enacted a new ordinance that would fine the parents of students who are deemed bullies.

Under the new ordinance, parents and guardians will have 90 days after they’re informed by a police officer of their child’s behavior to intervene.

If the parent doesn’t stop their child from acting as a bully the parent will be fined $366.

If there is a second offense within one year, the parent will be fined $681.

I’ve always thought that the parents of bullies should be held responsible for the actions of their children since they’re usually in denial about their kids being bullies, however, this legislation is not the answer and may only make things worse. Think about it for a moment: bullies thrive on two things, intimidation and escalation. If a kid’s parents get fined that kid is only going to make things worse for his/her victims and these fines will do nothing to curtail bullying. Let’s not also forget that schools often have a hard time actually identifying bullies. In too many cases kids who are identified as bullies are actually the victims of bullies who try to defend themselves.

In a perfect world these fines would cause the parents to admonish their kids for being bullies but in reality their parents will continue to deny their kids’ behavior and their kids will lash out at their victims in retaliation.

Instead of trying to combat bullying we should be teaching our kids not to be victims. My biggest regret from all my years of being bullied in school is not standing up to my bullies. A little bit of self-confidence can carry you far.

Madison high shooter entered into plea deal because he had no defense


The attorney for Madison High shooter James Austin Hancock has told the media that the reason his client didn’t go to trial was because he literally had no defense

“We didn’t go to trial because we didn’t have a defense,” Charlie Rittgers, Hancock’s attorney said. “How many kids saw him, Austin, shoot the gun, run out the door? There was no psychological issues involved. There wasn’t any defense.”

Then why in the hell was this kid not charged as an adult? Four counts of attempted murder only resulted in less than a six-year sentence. Hancock could be sentenced to sixty years in adult prison if he causes problems but in my opinion the odds of that happening are slim unless he commits such a violent crime inside that it can’t be ignored. I’m not the only one asking this though, so is one victim’s family member…

“He should be charged as an adult,” Ginger Weaver said. “At 15 years old, he knows better. Period.”

“I’ve heard people are rallying behind him, I’m rallying behind my son and I don’t care what anybody else thinks,” Weaver added.

As she should and as should the community. Anybody rallying behind this potential killer is only fooling themselves thinking that he’s some kind of victim. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones has basically said that this was nothing more than an arbitrary shooting

“What we’ve seen in our investigation, there was no bullying. There was no in-love, out-of-love issues, typical 14-year-old,” Jones told WLWT News 5 investigative reporter Todd Dykes.

“He made the statement … that he was going to bring a gun several times to school, and he never did,” Jones said. “It was one of those things and this is, ‘Hey, I’m going to bring a gun. I’m going to bring a gun.'”

“He had the gun most of the day with him, loaded. And at that point, after the investigation and after he was talked to, he made a determination that they (classmates) were going to go tell on him. So at that point, soon after that he got up, moved very fast toward the table.

“We don’t know that he picked any person out individually. He just pointed the weapon at the table and as he went by he pulled the trigger at the table. And the bullets don’t have eyes. The bullets hit victims. The rest scrambled. So is that and was that his motive? I believe it was.”

Killing for the sake of killing should mean that the shooter has surrendered his right to remain free in society whether or not someone died in this instance. Just by biding his time this sociopath will be walking free among us in less than 6 years and odds are that there will be more victims of his violence.

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Pa. police catch hybrid craigslist/Kik creeper

Michael Straff

Michael Straff

Police in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, recently arrested 58-year-old Michael Straff for allegedly soliciting sex from an undercover police detective posing as a 14-year-old girl. Straff is said to have placed a craigslist ad entitled “Daddy’s Looking for his Baby Girl KIK Q m4w (Philadelphia and Burbs).” He reportedly communicated with the detective he thought was a girl on Kik using such usernames as “imyourDaddy011” and “Daddy for u.”

When the subject of age came up Straff allegedly had an answer I haven’t heard before. He is said to have replied to the age matter with “Well I’m not pushy and I am laid back.” In reality that’s just another way of saying the child predator mantra of ‘age is just a number.’ He’s also accused of allegedly sending dick pics to the detective as well.

Not surprisingly, the meeting place where the arrest took place was yet another fast food place. A doughnut joint for once, that’s new at least.

Not only is Kik full of sex offenders and pedophiles but you’d be kidding yourself if you didn’t think craigslist was as well.

Browser plugin to erase names of mass shooters


From the ‘This is Possibly the Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Heard’ Department comes a new plugin browser from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. The Chrome plugin called Zero Minutes of Fame is designed to scrub the names and images of mass killers from any website that you look at online. This is their attempt to prevent copycat crimes except I see just one flaw in their master plan, they’re preaching to the choir. If you’re already a follower of the Brady Campaign you’re probably not someone who is getting ready to commit a shooting spree so what purpose would this really serve?

As I’ve said before we should know the killers’ names because to do so would garner them even more infamy in my opinion. Not to mention that the people who give them infamy are a tiny minority of society and they’re obviously not going to install this plugin.

Also, does the Brady Campaign consider Firefox users a lost cause?

Tyler Hadley to be resentenced for the bludgeoning murder of his parents

Tyler Hadley

Add Tyler Hadley to the unfortunately growing list of murdering minors who get a second shot at sentencing while their victims are still dead. Hadley was 17 in 2011 when he bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer in their Port St. Lucie, Florida, Home. He then threw a party that he had invited all his friends to on Facebook while his parents’ corpses laid in their bed. He was tried as an adult and pleaded no contest but not before giving out prison autographs that read  ‘Hammer Time’.

Hadley was sentenced to two life terms, one for each parent, Mary Jo Hadley, 47, and Blake Hadley, 54. Now the 4th District Court of Appeal in West Palm Beach has ordered that Hadley be resentenced due to the Supreme Court’s ruling that automatic life without parole for minors is unconstitutional.

Hadley’s uncle, Mike Hadley, puts it better than I ever could…

“All I can say is that whatever laws that they are passing to let these young kids under 17 to just do whatever they want and then give them a lighter sentence is insane,” Hadley said during a phone interview. “It makes no sense at all. When somebody can do those horrendous things to another human being and then stand back and laugh about it and have a party over their dead bodies is crazy. You can never let those people out on society again — ever.”

Added Hadley: “He got a lighter sentence because he didn’t get the death penalty. He’s lucky he got what he got.

Not to mention that he obviously has no remorse for his actions. Not only was he trying to parlay his infamy into some kind of badass prison rep but he also pleaded no contest. That means he did not admit any guilt but agreed that the prosecution had enough evidence to convict him.

Like his uncle said, he deserves the death penalty. Anything less than at least one life sentence is a massive miscarriage of justice.

UPDATE 9/20/2017: Hadley’s re-sentencing has been rescheduled until sometime in 2018.

Bullying excuse already being given in Antigo shooting


From the ‘That Didn’t Take Long’ Department the Wausau Daily Herald is reporting that Antigo High prom shooter Jakob Wagner was bullied. A former classmate of Wagner’s said that he was bullied since middle school because of his poor hygiene. While I would never condone bullying if someone has poor hygiene habits for more than four years they’re kind of inviting trouble on themselves. I also wonder how many former classmates they had to talk to before someone mentioned the ‘b’ word.

The same classmate also said that Wagner had an unhealthy obsession with guns. Not the Midwestern hunting type obsession but more like the Adam Lanza type obsession. I wouldn’t be surprised if some time down the line someone claims that he had Asperger’s.

I can commiserate with kids who are bullied. I was bullied for 12 years just because I was smaller than everyone else. However I’d like to offer these kids something they don’t have and that’s the wisdom of experience. It may feel like getting out of school will never happen but in reality it’s just a blip on the timeline of your life. Also if you resort to this level of violence not only have you let the bullies win but you become the ultimate bully yourself.

UPDATE 4/28/2016: Unified School District of Antigo interim district administrator (longest title ever) Donald B. Childs says that there is no evidence of bullying in this situation. He also says that ‘the media is at fault for reporting that Wagner was bullied’. He’s not wrong. If you read the article I just linked to it seems that the USA Today family of newspapers are pushing the bullying issue more than it deserves to be.

Also the police seized a journal and teen suicide reading materials, whatever they are, among other items from Wagner’s home.

Craigslist creeper assaults woman in her home

Juan de Jesus Reyes-Palomino

Juan de Jesus Reyes-Palomino

Juan de Jesus Reyes-Palomino was arrested in Sparks, Nevada, for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in her own home. Reyes-Palomino allegedly responded to a woman’s ad who was selling children’s clothes on craigslist. Once he got in the woman’s home he allegedly began to ask the woman personal questions before touching her inappropriately. Police believe he may have more victims…

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sparks Police detectives 775-353-2225 or Secret Witness 775-322-4900.

This story goes to show two things. One, craigslist is polluted with guys like these with their activity in just about every section and two, you should never have anyone from craigslist ever come to your home.

Shooting at Antigo High School prom


Last night in Antigo, Wisconsin, 18-year-old Jakob Wagner opened fire on two people leaving the prom at Antigo High School. A male and a female student were struck but both sustained non-life threatening injuries. A police officer who was already at the school patrolling the parking lot heard the shots and returned fire at Wagner. Wagner later died from his injuries at a local hospital. A school district administrator said that Wagner was supposed to have graduated last year but was continuing to work on his diploma. The same administrator also believed that Wagner planned on entering the prom and opening fire there. He doesn’t believe that Wagner was targeting his two victims. So far I have yet to hear of a motive however some reports say that Wagner had recently broken up with a girl who attends the school.

Not that anyone asked but on the Trench Reynolds classification scale I do consider this to be a school shooting rather than a shooting at school. The crime did take place at the school and seems to fit the description of a ‘typical’ school shooting. The only thing unusual about it was that it took place during a prom. To my recollection that’s the first time I can recall a shooting of that type taking place at a prom. While the victims’ injuries were not as grave as they could have been, if Wagner had not been stopped by the officer we could be talking today about a massacre instead of ‘just’ a shooting. Also please understand that my use of the words typical, unusual and just to describe this shooting is not meant to lessen the impact of this crime. Unfortunately in this day and age we do have ‘typical’ school shootings whether you want to believe that or not.

One thing that does appear to be typical about this shooting is that it seems another selfish man-child has thrown his life away by using violence to deal with his own inadequacies.

Was Kenny Bartley romantically involved with his counselor?

Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

I had previously heard rumors to the effect but now the Knoxville News Sentinel recently reported that Campbell County School shooter Kenny Bartley may have been romantically involved with his counselor in Virginia. If you’ll recall after Bartley was retried for the 2005 shooting and sentenced to time served he was allowed to travel to Virginia in order to live with his counselor and her family. Since that time the counselor’s child died from abuse resulting in blunt force trauma. Bartley was allegedly present at the time of the boy’s death although no charges have yet been filed in that case. Since Bartley’s counselor/alleged squeeze has not yet been charged with a crime I will not name her here.

This new revelation comes from Bartley’s probation officer in Tennessee who has claimed that his counselor has committed a few inappropriate acts…

It alleged, among other things, that a monitoring device that tests for alcohol in body sweat repeatedly recorded the presence of alcohol just two months after he was freed on probation in February 2015 with the agreement that he would move to Vienna, Va., where his longtime counselor claimed she had lined up addiction and mental health counseling services and planned to teach him living skills.

Bartley and his counselor instead became lovers, with the 23-year-old Bartley living with her and her three-year-old son, who died in May 2015 in Bartley’s care under suspicious circumstances.

It’s also alleged that Bartley’s counselor threatened to take Bartley to another state if she didn’t receive reports from the ankle monitor company that had fitted Bartley with his alcohol detection monitor claiming that she was basically Bartley’s probation officer in Virginia.

To make matters even more creepy Bartley’s counselor first met him when he was 11-years-old at a juvenile mental facility and it allegedly continued from there…

When Bartley was charged in the school shooting, his counselor took a job at the juvenile detention facility where he was housed and again began working with him.

If these allegations are true then this is worse than the women who married the Menendez brothers or our favorite crazy murder groupie Lorri Davis who married thrice convicted child murderer Damien Echols. This would mean that his counselor is a sexual predator who has been stalking him since he was 11-years-old. Who even knows what may have taken place between them from the time he was 11 leading up to the day he shot Ken Bruce to death. It would also go a long way in explaining why Bartley’s mental health has obviously not improved since that time.

Thanks to Kevin for the tip.

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