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A 14-year-old boy from Brooklyn, New York is said to be partially blinded after an e-cigarette exploded in his face at a kiosk at a mall that was selling the apparatus. The article I linked to is from Fox News which does tend to be sensationalistic but it’s a symptom of a larger problem when it comes to the media and vaping.

First off the ‘kiosk’ was obviously not all that concerned about carding someone who they were trying to sell a nicotine product to. That may be an indicator that they may be trying to sell substandard products. Secondly let’s take the word e-cigarette out of the equation and replace it with another common item. If the headline read ’14-year-old left blinded after car explodes’ would we be calling for the entire auto industry to be shut down? Next, not all e-cigarettes or vaporizers are the same. Was it a high-end brand name or some kind of knock off made in a third world country? And lastly how many fires today are still caused by careless cigarette use despite the ‘fire safety’ cigarettes they sell now? They’re still on the market and show no sign of ever being removed.

Vaping is not for everyone. I get that. However it has helped an overabundance of people kick the habit of smoking. So when a fear mongering article like this one shows up in the media about vaping, question it like you should most melodramatic articles written by an exaggerating media.

3 thoughts on “Another E-Cig explodes; what the media is not telling

  1. I’m still trying to figure out this line from the article: “The injury occurred after an employee connected one of the vaporizers to the battery of the store.”

    Does that mean that he connected the tank to a battery or put a battery in a box or what? Was it the battery that exploded or the vaporizer. It’s like they don’t know exactly what they’re talking about and I’m confused as to what exactly happened, aside from something exploding.


    1. That seemed strange to me as well. They made it sound like they hooked the tank up to a Dr. Frankenstein type of electrical unit with a pair of rusty jumper cables that shoot sparks when you even look at them.


      1. Maybe the store runs on batteries and they connected the vaporizer to that because they didn’t have any regular ones?


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