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Kenny Bartley

Kenny Bartley

I had previously heard rumors to the effect but now the Knoxville News Sentinel recently reported that Campbell County School shooter Kenny Bartley may have been romantically involved with his counselor in Virginia. If you’ll recall after Bartley was retried for the 2005 shooting and sentenced to time served he was allowed to travel to Virginia in order to live with his counselor and her family. Since that time the counselor’s child died from abuse resulting in blunt force trauma. Bartley was allegedly present at the time of the boy’s death although no charges have yet been filed in that case. Since Bartley’s counselor/alleged squeeze has not yet been charged with a crime I will not name her here.

This new revelation comes from Bartley’s probation officer in Tennessee who has claimed that his counselor has committed a few inappropriate acts…

It alleged, among other things, that a monitoring device that tests for alcohol in body sweat repeatedly recorded the presence of alcohol just two months after he was freed on probation in February 2015 with the agreement that he would move to Vienna, Va., where his longtime counselor claimed she had lined up addiction and mental health counseling services and planned to teach him living skills.

Bartley and his counselor instead became lovers, with the 23-year-old Bartley living with her and her three-year-old son, who died in May 2015 in Bartley’s care under suspicious circumstances.

It’s also alleged that Bartley’s counselor threatened to take Bartley to another state if she didn’t receive reports from the ankle monitor company that had fitted Bartley with his alcohol detection monitor claiming that she was basically Bartley’s probation officer in Virginia.

To make matters even more creepy Bartley’s counselor first met him when he was 11-years-old at a juvenile mental facility and it allegedly continued from there…

When Bartley was charged in the school shooting, his counselor took a job at the juvenile detention facility where he was housed and again began working with him.

If these allegations are true then this is worse than the women who married the Menendez brothers or our favorite crazy murder groupie Lorri Davis who married thrice convicted child murderer Damien Echols. This would mean that his counselor is a sexual predator who has been stalking him since he was 11-years-old. Who even knows what may have taken place between them from the time he was 11 leading up to the day he shot Ken Bruce to death. It would also go a long way in explaining why Bartley’s mental health has obviously not improved since that time.

Thanks to Kevin for the tip.

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