Madison high shooter entered into plea deal because he had no defense


The attorney for Madison High shooter James Austin Hancock has told the media that the reason his client didn’t go to trial was because he literally had no defense

“We didn’t go to trial because we didn’t have a defense,” Charlie Rittgers, Hancock’s attorney said. “How many kids saw him, Austin, shoot the gun, run out the door? There was no psychological issues involved. There wasn’t any defense.”

Then why in the hell was this kid not charged as an adult? Four counts of attempted murder only resulted in less than a six-year sentence. Hancock could be sentenced to sixty years in adult prison if he causes problems but in my opinion the odds of that happening are slim unless he commits such a violent crime inside that it can’t be ignored. I’m not the only one asking this though, so is one victim’s family member…

“He should be charged as an adult,” Ginger Weaver said. “At 15 years old, he knows better. Period.”

“I’ve heard people are rallying behind him, I’m rallying behind my son and I don’t care what anybody else thinks,” Weaver added.

As she should and as should the community. Anybody rallying behind this potential killer is only fooling themselves thinking that he’s some kind of victim. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones has basically said that this was nothing more than an arbitrary shooting

“What we’ve seen in our investigation, there was no bullying. There was no in-love, out-of-love issues, typical 14-year-old,” Jones told WLWT News 5 investigative reporter Todd Dykes.

“He made the statement … that he was going to bring a gun several times to school, and he never did,” Jones said. “It was one of those things and this is, ‘Hey, I’m going to bring a gun. I’m going to bring a gun.'”

“He had the gun most of the day with him, loaded. And at that point, after the investigation and after he was talked to, he made a determination that they (classmates) were going to go tell on him. So at that point, soon after that he got up, moved very fast toward the table.

“We don’t know that he picked any person out individually. He just pointed the weapon at the table and as he went by he pulled the trigger at the table. And the bullets don’t have eyes. The bullets hit victims. The rest scrambled. So is that and was that his motive? I believe it was.”

Killing for the sake of killing should mean that the shooter has surrendered his right to remain free in society whether or not someone died in this instance. Just by biding his time this sociopath will be walking free among us in less than 6 years and odds are that there will be more victims of his violence.

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