Facebook vigilantes harass wrong woman in gorilla killing

Facebook vigilantes harass wrong woman in gorilla killing

Since the greater American public at large seems to value the life of an animal over that of a child, Facebook lynch mobs rose up to seek out Michelle Gregg. That’s the name of the woman whose son fell into the gorilla cage at the Cincinnati zoo which led to one of the zoo’s gorillas being killed in order to protect the child. The outraged masses took to Facebook in order to send hate mail and death threats to Michelle Gregg, except they were sending their vitriol to the wrong Michelle Gregg. The Michelle Gregg involved with the zoo incident is said to have quickly deleted her online presence after the story hit the media, so an innocent woman was harassed in her stead. The Ms. Gregg that was still on Facebook took it all in stride and handled the harassment with style and aplomb as can be seen here courtesy of FAIL BLOG


How devoid of meaning is your own life that you feel the need to harass a complete stranger on Facebook while obtaining full knee jerk outrage after reading a story about an animal that you probably didn’t even know existed until after it was already dead? If you were to ask me I’d say your lives are completely bereft of any meaning and your sole purpose here on Earth is simply to be carbon detritus that future generations will think was some kind of slack-jawed sloth-like creature.

8 thoughts on “Facebook vigilantes harass wrong woman in gorilla killing”

  1. I agree, Trench, that the gorilla outrage is nauseating. The mother is not to blame, and although judging from the commentary by leading primatologists that the gorilla’s dragging the child was likely a way to protect him from the chaos the gorilla couldn’t understand, one can understand the zoo’s decision. However, I should think that you would feel some sort of kinship with these FB vigilantes, based on you being an internet vigilante yourself. In fact, it’s highly likely that some of your vigilantism is misplaced, and you are angrily lashing out at innocent people sometimes. Are you familiar with the Right Wing Authoritarian Scale? It seems like you’d be a textbook example of someone who scores high.


      1. True, knowledge and wisdom doesn’t need to come from a University. No shit. But people who wear that as a badge of pride: “I don’t need no ivory tower higher learnin’, I live in the real world!” are sad and generally insecure. Nothing to be ashamed of in not going to college, but if you haven’t actually been to college, you probably have no room to speak on it as if it’s some evil center of Liberal indoctrination, where everyone just mindlessly parrots the utopian mantras of their Communist professors, because that’s what South Park told you. That’s generally how morons think. Going to college makes you no better OR WORSE than not going. I guess my main point here is this: it’s ironic that you’re accusing me of being a “know it all” for presenting facts. You’re the one who seems so firmly entrenched in your biases and beliefs that everyone is guilty. I’m not 100% positive any of these people are “innocent”, but that’s not how the legal system works, Trench. The burden is on the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Your gut feelings have no place in a court of law. So it seems that YOU, not I, are the one who thinks they have all the answers. You seem to actively avoid/dismiss information that contradicts your firm beliefs as well. It’s important to take in information from all perspectives with an open a mind as possible. That applies to you, me, and the angry mob of FB vigilantes frothing at the mouth with rage over the death of a gorilla.


  2. talk about being a vigilante….surely there is an end to the articles you are criticizing that you dont know anything about. the mother is not to blame, Echols is not to blame, etc. is anyone to blame in your utopian society Bernie?
    why dont you get back to passing out cups of kool aid in cell block c pal. or do us all a favor and jet out to africa and protect some poor dying breed of piss ants. yep, go save the world pal one poor victim at a time, and take your meanlingless statistics and communist thinking with you. or maybe just go back where you said the red necks shine poor defenseless deer and kill them with baseball bats. that is right, anyone of these places you made up is as good as the other. thats right, you know it all, or think you do. just do something to get yourself out of the house during daylight hours, you cant live with your mom forever.


    1. Ah, cool. Facts that don’t jive with your ignorant-ass worldview=”meaningless statistics”. Haha. You’re too cute, Jeff. Do you only speak in cliches, or what? “Don’t know anything about”…really, Jeff? It’s pretty fucking obvious that I seem to present more facts here than you do. Don’t agree? Fine, then post actual statistics. All you’ve got is “la la la I can’t hear you! You’re wrong! That’s bullshit!”, because it contradicts your beliefs. All you seem to have is your ignorant rage and your feelings. The thing is, Jeff, I don’t know it all. I don’t pretend to. That’s the difference between you and I, I think. I realize that there’s a lot of doubt and ambiguity in this world. I read up on whatever I can, from all angles. I’m often wrong, and I admit when I am. But you…you’ve got it all figured out, Jeff. You’ve got that good ol’ fashioned common sense right there. You “get it”. Anyone who doesn’t agree with you is some Communist hippie who believes in unicorns and rainbows and singing kumbaya with terrorists. Why don’t you step outside, take a breath of fresh air, and realize that life is too short to fill it with seething hatred and blaming everybody but yourself? Maybe go to your local library and learn the basics of our legal system, since you seem to fail at grasping even the simplest concepts of procedure.


  3. you post no facts, therefore i post no statistics. you need 200 words to present absolutely nothing. i need but a few to expose you for what you are: a troll. you like to attack Trench due to your liberal beliefs, at every turn, but all your attacks and the very little statistics, lack of facts, etc., encompassed in an “i am smarter than you, shadow a lawyer, blah blah blah, doesnt change the facts that you apparently do not grasp the concept of common sense. sometimes in life, you have to admit that you are not the smartest person in the room just because you feel it is cool to go against the grain. i have seen nothing to indicate from you that you possess any empathy for any victims. you save your empathy for the convicted in most cases.


    1. For one, I posted the fact that it costs more overall to execute people than it does to house in prison for life, on average. That’s a well-known, established fact, and I was honestly a little surprised to see that were so ignorant that you were unfamiliar with it. When I saw you double down on your ignorance and deny that fact, it was both sad and laughable.


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