Madison High shooter only gets six years in juvie

Madison High shooter only gets six years in juvie

Earlier this week, Madison High shooter, James Austin Hancock, was sentenced to remain in juvenile detention until his 21st birthday. Roughly, that sentence works out to about six years. If you’ll recall Hancock opened fire in the school’s cafeteria striking three students. Luckily there were no mortal injuries. Part of Hancock’s sentence could see him return to jail after that if he doesn’t stay out of legal trouble.

As I have Lamented before, this sentence is nowhere near enough the prison time this miscreant deserves. Considering he shot three students at point-blank rage it should be considered a miracle that nobody died. However, his crime showed that he was wiling to murder these students, but instead of being charged as an adult his case was kept in juvenile court where he got off relatively easy.

I highly doubt the threat of additional prison time will keep Hancock from committing another violent crime once he’s released from detention.

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