Sense of entitlement motive released in Madison High shooting

Sense of entitlement motive released in Madison High shooting

Previously, I’ve complained that Madison High shooter, James Austin Hancock, received a ridiculously light sentence for shooting three people at point-blank range in the school’s cafeteria. Hancock was charged as a juvenile since he was 14 at the time of the shooting and was sentenced to be held in juvenile detention until his 21st birthday. I was of the belief that Hancock should have been charged as an adult and for three attempted murder charges should have received a great deal of prison time. Now that the motive for the shooting has been made public I am even more steadfast in that belief.

In court documents that have recently been made public, Hancock claims the reason he shot three of his classmates was because he had it ‘rough’ at home. In case you were wondering, yes those are sarcasm quotes around the word rough. Here’s how ‘rough’ Hancock supposedly had it…

“The reason he gave for shooting was his home life. His mom doesn’t watch any of his sporting events and dad was on his case for his grades and has a lot of chores. Hancock further stated he was always grounded (at least seven months out of the year),” the investigation report says.

Please forgive my language, because I’m trying to be more professional in my writing, but are you fucking kidding me? Hancock shot three kids at point-blank range because he was grounded and didn’t want to do his fucking chores? For this degree of sociopathy he was only sentenced to less than six years. This is one of the biggest miscarriages of justice that I’ve written about on this website in the past 16 years.

Once again another school shooter who is nothing more than a selfish coward who resorts to violence instead of dealing with his own inadequacies.

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  1. Dee Ann Stephens

    And if he was “grounded”, it was probably to his room, with his I-phone, tablet, computer, x-box, TV, etc.

    1. Trench Reynolds (Post author)

      No doubt.


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