Kik kreeper receives incriminating message while in questioning

Kik kreeper receives incriminating message while in questioning
Kaalum Scott

18-year-old Kaalum Scott, of Osceola County, Florida, was arrested earlier this month for allegedly sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. Scott reportedly met the girl last year, you know…when she was TWELVE, and recently looked her up on the mobile messaging app Kik. He is then said to have threatened the girl over Kik by sending her a picture of himself with a gun while threatening violence against her and her family if she didn’t ‘have sex’ with him. Scott allegedly got his way before his victim told her family.


While being questioned by police Scott at first denied everything, but while in questioning police say that his phone went off after receiving a new Kik message from a male friend…

The affidavit states Scott’s phone went off in the interview room with a message on Kik that read, “See, that is why I told you not to send her any pictures or anything, just deny everything!”

This would be almost comical if we weren’t discussing the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl.

13-years-old is the minimum age to be on Kik according to their terms of service. Maybe that’s why it’s so attractive to the plethora of sex offenders and pedophiles that infest its network.

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  1. Here’s just about the ONLY way a person could ever get away with what these people tried to do. For the record, YOU CANNOT ENCRYPT OR CLOAK A BROADCAST!!! So sending live pictures or streams is a huge “no no!!!”
    Furthermore, you’d have to have a mobile “rogue computer” ( I’d call it a “roguie.” ). This would have NO IP address of any kind AT ALL. Such a computer would have to “piggyback” off of other people’s unsecured WiFi systems. Problem: There’s almost NO SUCH THING as an unsecured WiFi system today!!! And public WiFi is monitored!!! Furthermore, you’d be accessing and doing illegal things using somebody ELSE’s IP address without leaving you OWN IP address on their browser cache!!! You’d be sending innocent people to JAIL!!! And if the FBI ever got wind that there was a top secret true mobile “ghost computer” out there someplace, they would contact Homeland Security and probably the NSA as well!!!! …. not to mention local law enforcement!!! Why? Because when you can anonymize yourself online THAT WELL, you will have entered into potential TERRORIST territory!!! You will have ALSO breached National Security!!! In short, by that time, the authorities will ALL want to know who this untraceable “CYBER GHOST” is!!! And with the technologies “THEY” possess, I bet they can catch you!!!
    My advice: Keep your life simple and don’t do anything stupid while on the net.
    No, the deep web won’t help you that much either. The NSA, FBI, TSA, ATF, Interpol, and a whole SLEW of other groups ( including your own local law enforcement )have developed new technologies and strategies for dealing with the deep web ( or dark net ). The deep web is now a whole lot “shallower” than it used to be!!! You might say that law enforcement has done a very good job of “draining the cyber swamp!!!” People get “busted” in the deep ( now NOT so deep ) web all the time!!! And if you get into a deep web chat room ( there are hardly any deep web chat rooms LEFT ), and you start sending somebody nude pictures while asking them to do the same, …. ah…. “WHOOPS!!!” you will have just “broadcasted” yourself again!!! You will have stepped out from behind the deep web’s protective barriers BIG TIME!!! NO SNAP CHATS,… NO LIVE STREAMING!!! Remember?!? Now you’re probably going to JAIL!!!
    That’s the cost of being stupid.
    As for me, personally, I never wanted to view illegal pornography BADLY enough to want to go through all that trouble. You’d have to have GRIT, DETERMINATION, a desperately SICK heart, mind and soul, and a high I.Q,… probably higher than Einstein’s!!!

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