Michigan craigslist killing leaves father of two dead

Michigan craigslist killing leaves father of two dead

49-year-old Todd Terry, of Farmington Hills, Michigan, was recently shot and killed after responding to a craigslist ad in nearby Inkster. The article and corresponding video doesn’t specify what the ad was for, but since the article makes reference to the fact that Mr. Terry liked to restore bicycles and mopeds It was more than likely for one of those. Tragically there was no moped or bike to be bought as Mr. Terry’s family have indicated that he was killed just for the money he was carrying.

A suspect by the name of Tremayne Alexander has been charged with Mr. Terry’s murder and is allegedly responsible for two other similar crimes in the area.

Todd Terry’s widow is urging others to forgo craigslist…

“They’re creating something that’s not in existence for you to come and bring what? $100? $50? With the plans to kill you. So I tell people to run from it. Don’t even look at it. Don’t even open it up. I wish Craigslist was shut down,” Yvette Terry said.

As I’ve said in the past, due to craigslist’s low threshold of entry, anyone can post an ad saying just about anything they want. This lack of oversight by craigslist has not only led to numerous scams and robberies, but has also led to a multitude of rapes and murders. Craigslist has become nothing but a trap, luring in an overabundance of victims.

Mr. Terry also left behind two sons ages 16 and 13, and the family has set up a GoFundMe account. By all accounts Mr. Terry was a great man. Please donate if you can.

UPDATE 4/1/2017: Alexander was sentenced to 30 to 60 years after pleading guilty to second-degree murder.

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  1. To be outraged over any murder is expected, but craigslist is not the culprit. To say that “Craigslist has become nothing but a trap, luring in an overabundance of victims” is an untruth bordering on libel. Craigslist is-for most who use it- a valuable tool Our population as a whole has a certain number of individuals who are criminal, immoral sociopaths. To say that craigslist should be shut down because of that, is akin to saying that there should not be sidewalks, or highways, or any other venue in which murders have occurred. This “article” was fine until the last sentence of the second to last paragraph, and that sentence was indeed born of ignorance, if not completely irresponsible.

    1. I respectfully disagree. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t receive a story about some crime being perpetrated on craigslist. Mostly they’re about scams and robberies, but only post the most egregious crimes here as to post every crime that involves craigslist would require more time than I could possibly dedicate to the website.

      1. Yes.. I personally know of at least 2 other victims of the defendant, within the last month. Thankfully their lives were spared!!! But this was not reported on publicly, only in police reports.
        So sad.

      2. you are honestly stating that… “Craigslist has become nothing but a trap, luring in an overabundance of victims.”? By writing this you are claiming that craigslist literally serves no other purpose but to “lure” and “trap” “Victims”. I use Craigslist regularly to buy and sell items. I have never encountered even a remotely dangerous person (although scammers and cheapskates are in fair abundance) This is simply not true.

        1. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that people should not be cautious when using craigslist. That is simply common sense. Whether responding to an ad in craigslist, any other bulletin board, or even the local newspaper, you should not go alone, and you should meet only in busy public places. But I maintain still that craigslist is not the problem, people are the problem.

        2. You are correct Yar. I may have been a little hyperbolic in my comment. However, in my defense, if you follow the trials and tribulations at all you’ll know that police stations all across the country are setting up safe zones at their stations so people can complete craigslist transactions in a much safer environment. The fact that they’re setting up safety zones is the best example to show how dangerous craigslist has become.

      1. Gloria, I can barely even bring myself to bother with this comment. I can not take seriously anyone who begins an argument with “Invalid comparison” Craigslist is a tool, literally and avenue by which to exchange goods and services, etc, whereas a sidewalk is an avenue of travel. If you can not see the similarity, that does no mean that there is no similarity.

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