Mother of Antigo shooter says responding cop was ‘careless’

Mother of Antigo shooter says responding cop was 'careless'

18-year-old Jakob Wagner was shot and killed by a patrolling police officer after Wagner opened fire on Antigo High School in Wisconsin while the school’s prom was taking place back in April. The officer, Andrew Hopfensperger, was cleared of any wrongdoing with investigators stating that lethal force was justified.

Wagner’s mother has once again taken to the media, this time to address her issue with Officer Hopfensperger.

“It’s extremely hard to see the officer smiling in every picture and, I believe, in an interview recently he said that he doesn’t even think about it anymore and it doesn’t bother him,” said Wagner. “Even if it wasn’t my child, the fact that he… basically cornered somebody and shot nine bullets at them, and six of them went into the school and it doesn’t bother him, is kind of wrong.”

Everyone is free to grieve in their own way, however it’s ignorant to think that any policeman is unaffected by shooting and killing another human being, let alone an 18-year-old kid. Even though police live their job 24/7 and it affects them, they can’t let events like this rule them to the point of ineffectiveness. I have no doubt that this shooting took its toll on him but being a professional, he still had to go out and face the public that he was sworn to protect.

Many officers have retried and have had mental issues after a shooting like this. The fact that Officer Hopfensperger is still working is a testament to his resolve.

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