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Fake music producers accused of using Kik and MeetMe to rape girl

Anavisca and Lopez

Francisco Anavisca and Pedro Lopez have been accused of allegedly posing as music producers online in order to rape a 15-year-old girl from Harris County, Texas. The pair allegedly met the victim on MeetMe and used Kik to talk her into meeting them. Since the victim had aspirations to be a singer she agreed to the meeting.

This is very similar to the modeling scam that I’ve previously posted about where predators will say they’re from a modeling agency in order to meet their victims. Predators posing as someone else in the entertainment industry is not unheard of either. Children who have aspirations of being in any aspect of the entertainment business need to be educated on how people will use that to take advantage of them, not just online, but in the real world as well.

The article from KHOU also has a great quote from a member of the Texas Center for the Missing that all parents need to see…

“I tell parents, it’s not so much to stop them from being on social media. Just don’t be that parent that says, ‘Not my child,’” Melissa Rangel, a case manager for the Texas Center for the Missing said. “Guess what? That’s what the predator is looking for because that means you’re not paying attention.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

2 thoughts on “Fake music producers accused of using Kik and MeetMe to rape girl

  1. Kimberly says:

    Take the phone and computer or tablet, whatever, away at night! Go through your child’s electronics. It is not that difficult to do! “Oh but I don’t want my Kathy or Sam to be mad at me for invading their personal space” THEY have no personal space in your home where you pay the bills, make the rules, are supposed to be in charge! Society is too afraid to piss their children off! Why??? I would much rather have a pissed off teenager who refuses to talk to me (a plus in my eyes as most teenagers are abnoxious anyway) than to have a missing or murdered child because I was too afraid to make them angry. We are the parents. We have much more knowledge and experience of all that is wrong with the world. Our children are naive know it alls who think they are invincible. I had no problem taking away my son’s electronics and ‘snooping’. Parents seem to think that they need to be friends, pals, buddies with their children. NO! you can be their bud when they are grown. Be their parent! Love them, guide them, help them on their path, let them learn how to fail but let them try to succeed. I made quite a few mistakes as my kids were growing up. I can look back and see clearly what I did wrong. I can’t change it but I can guide them as they now aready parents themselves. I’m not the pushy, nosey grandma, I will give my opinion with explanation and hope that they will follow. Like I said earlier. It is not the end of the world if your children are angry at you for doing the right thing. They will get over it, trust me!


    1. Or as I like to put it, stop trying to be their friend, be their parent first.


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