Five injured in Utah school stabbing

Five injured in Utah school stabbing

Five male students were injured after another male student went on a stabbing spree at Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah. The 16-year-old knife wielding student was said to even have stabbed himself in the neck. The suspect was caught after being TASERed by the school resource officer. None of the injuries to the victims appear to be life threatening but some are listed as in critical condition. The suspect has been treated before being released into the custody of police.

So far no motive has been made public. Police say that the suspect was not bullied and the school says that he was a straight A student however, the student is new to the school and had been previously homeschooled.

As usual, I’ll post more details as they become public and as time allows, but is it me or did this story not break into the national news cycle? I only found out about it by accident. I went to some of the major news sites and saw nothing on their front pages about it. Have we become so complacent and numb to school violence that the stabbing of five high school students doesn’t even register with us anymore? For the sake of humanity, I sure as hell hope not.

UPDATE 11/17/2016: The suspect has been charged with five counts of attempted murder and police believe they have discovered the motive. Police are not commenting on that however because “investigators are not medical professionals.” If I were to hazard a guess, I imagine that they think there is some kind of mental illness behind the attack.

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