Additional details released in Mountain View High School stabbings

Additional details released in Mountain View High School stabbings

According to charges filed in juvenile court, the unnamed suspect in the Mountain View High School stabbings brought not only a knife with him to the school but a bo staff as well. It would seem that the 16-year-old must have thought that he was a Ninja Turtle. He is also said to have allegedly worn a red shirt on the day of the attack since he thought there would be large amounts of blood. I guess he couldn’t decide if he was Raphael or Donatello. The knife he reportedly used was a steak knife so maybe he thought he was Benihana too. Here is an eyewitness account of the attack.

The charges also state that the suspect allegedly targeted his victims at random only to cause as much violence as possible. Once again another entitled loser who thought he’d use violence to make up for his own inadequacies.

The juvenile suspect was ordered to be held in detention until at least this coming Tuesday when he has his next hearing. I hope the Thanksgiving baloney sandwiches were good. Seriously though, the suspect should not only remain in detention until his trial but should be tried as an adult. It’s obvious his intention was to kill, so justice demands that he receives a fitting punishment for his crime and that can only be provided with an adult sentence.

UPDATE 12/3/2016: The suspect has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric competency evaluation, and will be held in juvenile custody until at least his next hearing in February.

UPDATE 12/8/2016: The still unnamed suspect allegedly brought five different knives to school the day of the attack. I have to wonder if it was a set of Ginsu knives.

The suspect was also said to be ‘elated’ during the attack.

UPDATE 2/15/2017: The 16-year-old still unnamed suspect has been ordered to remain in juvenile custody for now. Reports say that he’s been on good behavior since being incarcerated, but is being held due to the severity of the crime. It’s not hard for a sociopath to stay on their best behavior, just sayin’.

UPDATE 3/18/2017: Prosecutors are in the process of negotiating a plea for the suspect, however, if a plea can not be reached the case will be tired in adult court. He’s been charged with five counts of attempted murder. Why is a plea even being offered?

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